Who Is Kayla Itsines Husband Jae Woodroffe?

In this article, we are going to learn who is Kayla Itsine’s husband Jae Woodroffe. Kayla Itsines is a well-known Australian persona trainer whose name frequently surrounds her on social media. A lot of people are currently talking about her at this time because her name is trending online. A lot of people on social media are currently interested in learning about her husband. Alongside, Kayla the name of her husband is currently trending on social media because she recently announced that the mother of her husband has passed away. They are currently in a big sock. She has also shared some pictures of her mother-in-law on her official Instagram account. Now in this article, we are going to share the details of her husband, so read this article till the end and do not miss any line of this article.

Kayla Itsine
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Who Is Kayla Itsines Husband Jae Woodroffe?

Kayla Itsines is a famous Australian personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur. She was born on 21st May 1991 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. As of February 2024, she is 32 years old. She is the co-creator of a series of fitness ebooks titled Bikini Body Guides, and a meal planning and workout application, Sweat with Kayla. This applicated made more revenue than any other fitness application. Her name was named among the 30 most influential people on the internet in 2016. Continue reading about her in the next paragraph of this article.

Kayla Itsines traces her interest in fitness to playing basketball and some other sports. She has also recalled the initial initiation and being overwhelmed by the gym. According to the source, she officially abandoned her original plans to become a beauty therapist graduating from the Australian Institute of Fitness at the age of 18 as a Master Trainer. Today, she is a personal trainer, author, entrepreneur, and influencer. She is known by a lot of people on social media because of her content. She was born to Anna and Jim Itsines. Both of her parents are teachers. She has grown up alongside a younger sister whose name is Leah Itsines. Leah is also a personal trainer and food stylist. She identifies herself as a Greek. Scroll down to the next paragraph to learn about her husband.

Kayla Itsines is a married woman. She is married to Jae Woodroffe. They both got married to each other in 2023. Kayla Itsines is the mother of two children, one child from her previous relationship and one child from her husband. Kayla has been in a relationship with Jay for a very long time. She first went public with him on 28th January 2022 through the internet. Jay Woodroffe is a native of Adelaide. He is an active person on Instagram. As per his Instagram profile, it looks like he has a big love for bikes, cars, and planes. Sources have disclosed that he works at SA Living Solutions, which is a non-profit organization that provides housing for needy people. He has a couple of thousand followers. Scroll down to the next paragraph.

It has been recently announced that Jay Woodroffe’s mother has passed away. His mother was battling cancer. This news has been officially shared by Kayla Itsines. She has mourned the loss and paid tribute to her mother-in-law. Much detail about the passing of his mother has not been announced yet. As per the reports, before dating Kayla Itsines, Joy was dating Lauren Belotti for around five years. Lauren was a neighbor of Kayla in Malvern. Tree of them became good friends on a trip to Queensland. After some time Joy and Kayla developed some feelings for each other. Then he ended his relationship with Lauren and started a new life with Kayla.

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