Who Is Quincy Promes Girlfriend DreamDoll? Is Quincy Promes Married?

Who is Quincy Promes’s wife or girlfriend and is he married to the American rapper? This question is garnering a lot of attention on the internet due to which the name of Quincy Promes is coming up in social media. People want to know the answers to these questions, due to which people have taken the help of the internet. Let us tell you that we have collected for you every clear information related to Quincy Promes’ girlfriend or wife. But before that let us tell you that if you want answers to these questions then continue reading this article.

Quincy Promes

Who Is Quincy Promes Girlfriend

According to sources, we have come to know that Quincy Promise is not married but he has not confirmed this fact. His name has been linked to a marriage relationship with a woman named Jamie but he did not disclose this fact. Recently she was seen with rapper DreamDoll on her birthday. After which people have shown interest in knowing about his romantic life. Many of their fans like them together. Dreamdoll shared glimpses of an extravagant yacht party to mark her 32nd birthday, sparking speculation about a possible relationship with the international athlete.

Quincy Promes

On her 32nd birthday, DreamDoll shared a photo on her social media page Instagram in which she is seen hugging a man but she did not reveal the man’s face. Her viewers are becoming very anxious to know who is the person hugging her in the photo. People have started speculating that the man with his face hidden is Quincy Promes. Some of her viewers are waiting for her answer and want that if she is in a relationship with someone then she should reveal the name or face of that man. But DreamDoll has left its viewers in a dilemma and neither is she revealing her romantic life. However, no clear witness or evidence has been found to prove this fact.

DreamDoll’s real name is Tabatha Robinson. She was born on February 28, 1992 in The Bronx, New York, U.S. She did her schooling from Bronx Academy High School. After which she went to Westchester College and Herkimer Community College. In 2015 she worked as a bartender at the popular New York strip club, Starlets. She increased her recognition on social media after which she got a chance to work in the Reality TV Show, Bad Girls Club in 2016. After earning her name, she signed with DJ Self’s record label, Gwinnin Entertainment and entered the world of music. Since 2015, she has been contributing to the music industry.

On the other hand, if we talk about Quincy Anton Promes, he is a Dutch professional footballer. He was born on 4 January 1992 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His position is Winger/Forward in football game. He started playing football at the age of 16. He played his first match in 2002 for Rooms Katholieke Sport Vereniging Door Combinatie Groot. After which he became a senior and in 2011 he played a match with the Twente football team. He has an important contribution in the football industry.

But apart from this, his name also appears in the criminal list because he was accused of supplying drugs. He had to serve 6 years of imprisonment for his crimes. After he went to jail and became a criminal, his professional career was deeply affected. As far as her being in a relationship with Dreamdoll is concerned, he has not given any clear information or any hint about it. So far, only this news has come to light related to Quincy Promes’s wife or girlfriend, which we have shared with you in this article. Do not forget to follow us, we will keep bringing such news for you.

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