Azucena Duque & Pedro Bravo Sr. – Case Proceeding

Pedro Bravo Parents life got embroiled into a significant setback in 2012. Herein, a love triangle took a grave turn, leading to the killing of Christian Aguilar.

According to sources, Christian was stuck in an emotional situation involving Bravo’s ex-girlfriend, Erika Friman, and Pedro.

It is noted that the breakup with Friman had pulled Bravo into depression. Her dating Aguilar only added fuel to the fire.

The events took uglier turns, and Bravo’s obsession with Friman and jealousy brought a new twist. According to sources, Bravo invited Aguilar on 20 September 2012 to meet him.

Later on, Aguilar was missing. This sparked a series of events that directed the officials towards Bravo. Herein, he was arrested eight days after Aguilar’s missing.

Pedro Bravo Parents: Pedro Bravo Sr. And Azucena Duque

Pedro Bravo Parents Pedro Bravo Sr. And Azucena DuquePedro Bravo Parents Pedro Bravo Sr. And Azucena Duque
Pedro Bravo Parents Pedro Bravo Sr And Azucena Duque

The entire event related to Pedro Bravo and his conviction in the killing of Christian Aguilar incited curiosity among netizens. It made the public curious about Pedro Bravo Parents, Azucena Duque and Pedro Bravo Sr.

Apart from finding their son entangled in killing and life imprisonment, they were going through a wave of emotions.

Pedro Bravo Case Proceedings

According to research, Friman’s getting into a relationship with Aguilar had impacted Bravo’s emotions. Thereby, it led to the gruesome killing.

Additionally, the events found Pedro Bravo Parents pulled into a spiral of challenges. Not only were they handling their son’s health, but also the legal aftermath.

Their love was pitted against the accusations faced by Bravo. Both Azucena Duque and Pedro Bravo Sr navigated all the hardships with brevity.

The events not only shattered the lives of the victims but also left a deep scar in the lives of Pedro Bravo’s parents.

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Pedro Bravo Life Imprisonment Sentence

Pedro Bravo Life Imprisonment SentencePedro Bravo Life Imprisonment Sentence
Pedro Bravo Life Imprisonment Sentence

Post the 2014 trial, Pedro was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. The prosecution presented evidence, such as security footage of the accused and victim going together on the day of the incident.

In addition, other evidence like traces of sleeping pills in the Gatorade bottle, blood stains in the car’s floor mat, and tape on Aguilar’s body.

Furthermore, Bravo came out after a decade to speak on the case. It has led to newer developments that point toward Bravo’s innocence.

As per sources, a witness claims to have witnessed Aguilar and Bravo in a fight in 2012. However, his former cellmate, Michael Angelo, denied his previous testimony.

Latest Update About the Verdict

In an interview with “20/20”, Bravo stated the evidence to be tampered with and maintained his innocence.

On the other hand, his defence team has filed for post-conviction relief and is asking for a fresh trial. Herein, Carlos Aguilar, the father of Christian, wishes that Bravo be punished for his wrongdoings. Learn more about Pedro Bravo, click

How the legal proceedings will unfold is yet to be seen. However, it has left the families on a prolonged journey of pain, wanting justice and closure.

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