Brian From The Voice Wife Sonia: American Gospel Singer Age And Ethnicity

In today’s article, we are going to share some amazing news with you. Recently people have been curious to know about The Voice show contestant Brian. Yes, you heard it right. People especially want to know about his wife Sonia’s age and Ethnicity, due to which people have taken the help of the internet. However, we have collected for you every clear information related to them. So without wasting any time, let us move forward with the article and know Brian and all the information related to him.

Brian From The Voice Wife Sonia

Brian From The Voice Wife Sonia

Brian Nhira has made his singing talent known to the people after his performance in The Voice show. People have asked questions about his wife Sonia. His wife is indeed Sonia with whom he is spending his married life. He often shares pictures with his wife on social media. It’s great to see them together and it impresses how deep their relationship is. He has not disclosed his wife’s age, due to which it is a mystery for people to know Sonia’s age. People have estimated her age to be between her late 20s to early 30s but no clear information about her age has been given in any online sources.

American Gospel Singer

If we talk about Brian’s ethnicity and family, then looking at his talent it seems that he is a part of the family from which he got the talent of singing. He is from Zimbabwe. His parents’ names are Edwell and Constance Nhira. His family is very important in his life because he has learned values and his culture from his family. His parents came to the United States in 1989 because they wanted to give their future a good life. His parents left no stone unturned in his upbringing. His parents encouraged him for everything and encouraged him to move forward. It became easier for Brian to achieve his destination when his parents supported him in his journey.

Brian Nihira is spreading the magic of his talent in the hearts of people by becoming the host of The Voice. He was born on January 23, 1992, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. He has an American nationality. It is said that he sang for the first time in a church at the age of 4. He gave priority to his talent in his life after completing high school and graduation. He started his song very early. His dream was to become a famous singer and he worked very hard and passionately to fulfill his dream. He wrote his own songs and took the music to the people.

In the show The Voice, he surprised the judges and the audience by presenting his singing talent. Even before coming to the show, he released many of his songs which included Would You Still Love Me? ‘Til Death Do Us Part, Back Where You Belong, Love, Love, and many more. His audience supports him a lot because they want him to go further and achieve greater heights. He too may have faced many problems in his singing journey but he turned his problems into his strength and kept moving forward.

Those who support him in his singing journey include his wife, his family and his fans. He has always brought glory to his family and will keep his family happy in future also. He has played a role in more than 200 events in four countries. Apart from being a singer, he is also the founder of Brian Nhira music LLC. He will continue to make people aware of his many melodious and wonderful songs. The article ends here with the complete information about Brian Nhira’s wife, family and ethincity. Stay tuned with us for more latest updates.

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