From Where Her Parents Are? Family Members & Siblings

Vanessa Lachey Ethnicity, Vanessa Lachey is a proven actress and model. Her pageant titles have grabbed her attention. Vanessa is a known face on Television.

Details About Vanessa Lachey 

Vanessa has played some noticeable roles in NCIS: Hawai’i, where she was Jane Tennant, and in ‘Dad’ Camilla. She had played the role of Amanda Wexler in ‘The Bold and The Beautiful.’ 

Vanessa Lachey Ethnicity, Vanessa acted in many T.V. series. Such as; ‘That’s Life,’ ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ American Housewife,’ ‘City Guys,’ ‘First Wives Club,’ CSI: N.Y.,’ ‘Hawaii Five-0’, and many more. 

Vanessa hosted several shows. Such as; ‘Love Is Blind,’ ‘The Morning After,’ Total Request Live,’ ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On,’ and several others. 

Vanessa won the titles of Miss Teen USA (in 1998) and Miss South Carolina Teen USA. She started to get more attention after winning the titles. Her career started back in 1985.

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Vanessa Lachey Ethnicity: From Where Her Parents Are? 

Vanessa belongs to a family with a diverse cultural background. Her full name is Vanessa Joy Minnillo. 

She was born at the Medical Regional Centre of the 13th Air Force in Clark Air Base. It was located in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. Vanessa has revealed elaborate details about her ethnicity. 

Vanessa’s ethnicity chart shows she is 50% Filipino (mother’s side). Her mother was Helen Ramos. Further, it discloses that she is 25% Italian, 12.5% Jewish (Ashkenazi), and 12.5% Irish. 

The Irish and Italian roots come from her father’s blended heritage. Her father was an Ohio-born American. Vincent Charles Minnillo was his father. Her grandfather, Francesco Minnillo, was a second-generation Italian immigrant. 

She carries her Irish and Russian Jewish ethnicity from her grandmother. She was also born in Ohio, just like her grandfather and father. 

Her grandmother’s parents were Anna Beatrice Collins and Julius Levy. Anna had Irish ancestry. Julius had Russian Jewish ancestry. 

Vanessa Family Members & Siblings 

Vanessa has an adopted sibling; Vincent Minnillo Jr. Vincent is her elder brother. Their upbringing is scattered in different cities because her father was in the U.S. Air Force.

They spend some time in California, Washington, Nevada and Florida. They have also stayed in Japan and Germany. Their parents got separated soon, and Vanessa was 9 nine years old at that time.

Vanessa Lachey Ethnicity and Vincent then went to live in Turkey. Because their mother remarried. However, in 1991, during Desert Sheild Operation, they returned to their father. They settled in South Carolina. 

After settling in with her father, she got to know Donna. She was her stepmother. However, her childhood years were not stable. Her relationship with Donna was excellent. However, she and Vincent now have a strained relationship. 

Know Vanessa’s Family

Vanessa cherishes being a mother. She has three beautiful children. Camden John, Brooklyn Elizabeth, and Phoenix Robert are the names of her children. Vanessa has a multi-racial ethnicity.

She is half Filipino and 12.5% Italian & Irish each. Her mother was from the Philippines. Her father belonged to a second-generation immigrant family.

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