Who Is Jenelle Evans? Teen Mom Star Personal To Professional Life Details

Jenelle Evans has been in the news headlines due to a legal battle with her husband for the custody of her child. Reportedly, the Teen Mom star, Jenelle Evans, has filed a court complaint for separation from her husband David Eason because of his alleged erratic behavior and substance abuse problems. Since Jenelle Evans filed a court document for separation from David, she has been in the limelight and discussions of the netizens. In the wake of Jenelle Evans’s separation from David Eason, people have started scrounging the weblogs to learn her details. Thus, we have reflected on her career, marriage, and family in the following sections. Toward the end of this article, we have also answered some imperative questions. Drag down the page for more details.

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Who Is Jenelle Evans?

On February 23, 2024, the Teen Mom star, Jenelle Evans, filed a court filing for legal separation from David and requested her youngest child’s custody with no visitation of her estranged husband David Eason. In her court filing, Jenelle Evans stated she “is a fit and proper person to have primary physical custody of the minor child. It is in the best interest of the minor child that the plaintiff be granted primary physical custody of the minor child and that the defendant’s visitation and or custodial time be predicated on a mental health assessment to ensure his fitness and ability to care for the minor child.”

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The court filing of Jenelle is a testament to her separation from David Eason. Reportedly, the couple officially separated on February 16 with the permanent separation intention. Jenelle stated, “Throughout the marriage of the parties, the defendant has exhibited concerning and at times disturbing behavior toward the plaintiff,” The Teen Mom 2 star also lashed out at her estranged husband for shooting their pet dog Nugget in 2019 and his felony charge to her 14-year-old son Jace. “In May of 2019, Defendant shot and killed the family’s pet French Bulldog Nugget in front of the minor child,” she continued, referring to her daughter Ensley, now 7.”

Jenelle Evans
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Jenelle is the daughter of Robert Evans and his estranged wife Barbara Evans. She first appeared on the reality series 16 & Pregnant in the first episode of season 2. Reportedly, Jenelle was 16 when she was pregnant by her then-boyfriend, Andrew Lewis. At the age of 17, on August 2, 2009, Jenelle gave birth to their son Jace Vahn Evans. But Andrew severed all ties with Jenelle after their son’s birth. Eventually, Jenelle realized she was not mature enough to raise her son as a single parent.

Jenelle Evans
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Barbara, Jenelle’s mother, filed for full custody of Jace who was nine months old at that time, due to Jenelle’s ongoing erratic behavior. In addition, Jenelle failed to fulfill her responsibilities as a teenage mother. In 2013, Jenelle started dating underwear model Nathan Griffith. Nathan and Jenelle welcomed their first child together, Kaiser Orion Griffith on June 19, 2014, who is Jenelle’s second son. Jenelle and Nathan ended their relationship after several conflicts but tried to co-parent their son.

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans
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Jenelle Evans was born in Oak Island, North Carolina, on December 19, 1991. She is widely known as an actress most notably for appearing in 16 and Pregnant (2009), The Playboy Morning Show (2010), and Teen Mom: The Next Chapter (2022). She got married to David Eason on September 23, 2017, and together they welcomed a daughter, Ensley Jolie Eason. Before her marriage to David Eason, she was married to Courtland Rogers. Jenelle has three children. Her son Jace Evans, was born on August 6, 2009. Her second son, Kaiser Griffith, was born on June 30, 2014, with  Nathan Griffith. Jenelle’s youngest child, daughter Ensley Eason, was born on January 24, 2017.

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