Who Is Joslin Smith? Did Mother And Boyfriend Kidnap Him?

Recently, a piece of attention-grabbing news has come out in which it is being told that behind the grief of a six-year-old girl, the question is being raised whether the mother and her boyfriend kidnapped Joslyn Smith. However, this news is making a lot of headlines on the internet and has become a topic of discussion for the people. People have shown curiosity to know more deeply about this matter. Due to this, we have collected for you every clear information related to this matter. Scroll up your screen and continue reading this news.

Joslin Smith

Who Is Joslin Smith

The news of the disappearance of 6-year-old Joslin Smith has provoked people to know about her. The case of the girl’s disappearance was revealed by her biological father Jose Emke. Jose Emke lodged a missing report with the police about his daughter. The police continued their investigation to find the girl. The victim’s biological father testified that his mother had taken custody of the daughter after he and his wife divorced. It is being told that the girl had gone missing from outside her house in Saldanha Bay, near Cape Town, it has been two weeks since she went missing.

Joslin Smith

The police mobilized the rest of the 300 naval officers to find the girl. The area is being investigated with the help of dogs and drones. The victim’s mother said that while she and her boyfriend Jacquin Appollis were at work, someone snatched their daughter from behind. This matter is becoming more serious with each passing day. This case has shocked the community due to which everyone is praying for the safety of the girl. Everyone who heard this news wishes that the girl would be reunited with her father safely. At present, the victim’s father is facing many challenges after his missing.

This accident has also started raising questions in the community because, in South Africa, children go missing every five hours, of which only a few are found. During the investigation of this case, the police found some blood-soaked corpses which were immediately sent to the forensic laboratory. People in the community are searching for the girl to ease the grief of the victim’s father. Joslin’s father is offering $5,200 to anyone who can find her or provide information about her whereabouts; A reward of £4,100 has been promised.

But people have raised questions that the girl’s mother and her boyfriend, Jacquin Appollis may have a hand in the girl’s disappearance. The police first focused on the task of finding the girl. But the police have not been able to find out who could be behind the disappearance of the girl. It is becoming very difficult for the police to solve this case because no evidence has been gathered in this case which can lead the police to the girl. It is becoming very difficult for the police to solve this case because no evidence has been gathered in this case which can lead the police to the girl.

After the disappearance of Joslin Smith, her biological father has also taken help of social media to find his daughter. Jose Emke has asked for help from people on social media that if they see his daughter anywhere near them, they should contact him. Otherwise, please contact your nearest police station and share the information you have about the girl. Social media users have started making every successful effort to trace the girl. Whatever information we had related to this missing case, we have shared it with you in this article. We will keep sharing more such news with you but for that, you will have to stay with us.

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