Skier almost crash lands onto chairlift in viral video

(CNN) – An Idaho teen was at a skiing competition when he wiped out in a major way.

In the viral video, 17-year-old Ivan Jones was trying to do a move called the “flat spin 360″ when he almost landed on the chairlift.

Incredibly, Jones said he was not seriously injured after hitting the lift, only suffering a mild concussion and some soreness.

He was even able to ski back down the mountain to the Lake Louise Resort in Canada, where he was checked out by the ski patrol.

Jones said he thought it would be impossible to hit the chairlift and had no intention of landing on the seat.

“When I hit the chairlift, I was actually in shock, so I didn’t feel anything,” he said.

Jones’s mother was off skiing on her own when she got the call her son had hit the chairlift.

“Was very grateful to see him in person before I saw the video because the video is pretty awful,” she said.

Lake Louise Resort told CNN, “It does not condone what happened.”



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