Ahmedabad: Amazing Viral Video Of Robot Serving Ice Golas To Customers On The Street | WATCH

Viral: Robot Serving Ice Golas In Ahmedabad

Viral: Robot Serving Ice Golas In Ahmedabad | Image:Instagram

Ahmedabad: Around the world, cafés and restaurants are doing all in their power to draw customers. A snack shop in Ahmedabad put up a robot to serve ice golas to clients in an effort to generate buzz among foodies, and the move has gone viral on the internet. A pop-up truck named “Robotic Café” is seen using a robot named Aisha in a similar viral video.

The robot, which was created especially to serve ice golas, is said to have cost about Rs 1.35 lakh. Ahmedabad-based food blogger Kartik Maheshwari published the now-viral video. The robot carrying a serving tray approaches the customers at the beginning of the video. The owner of the robot can be seen standing next to it and waving to the customers as the video goes on.

The wheeled robot delivers the ice gola to the customer after it is ready. The blogger posted the video and said, “Robot serves ice gola. First time ever in Ahmedabad.” The blogger added, “Starting from ₹40 & totally worth it. Hygienic & fully automatic. Time: 6:00 pm to 12:00 am.” Online users were quick to respond to the video with mixed reactions, ranging from agreement with the robot’s level of cleanliness to appreciation for it. 



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