Joey BadaSS Responds To Viral Video Of Him And Serayah Fighting

When faced with the choice to ignore or acknowledge the reason he was trending this week, Joey Bada$$ chose the latter — and did it in the right way. On Monday (March 11), the rapper and his girlfriend, actress and artist Serayah, were caught on camera during an argument. The video has since made its rounds on the internet.

Instead of letting the public form their own narratives, the “Show Me” emcee quickly shut down all speculation that they were broken up. He addressed the ordeal on Instagram by using his talents as a spitter, captioning his latest post, “People all in our business they don’t even know the facts, they don’t see the sh*t we witness only what the cameras catch.”

He paired the caption with a series of photos that showed the happy couple arm-in-arm. Check out the post here and the original video below.

Many fans praised Joey for acknowledging the invasion of privacy, not letting things get out of hand, but still not revealing all the details. “Thanks for keeping us in the group chat, next time hug her sooner,” one of the top comments read under the post.

Another user made a lighthearted joke about what the couple was probably fighting about, writing, “I knew it. Classic case of not being able to decide what’s for lunch.”

The two entertainers have a lot in common, such as both being talents behind the mic and on the silver screen. Both held roles in 50 Cent’s Power universe, with Serayah portraying Lori in BMF and Joey currently playing Unique in Raising Kanan.



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