‘Rules should be equal for everyone’: Delhi Police under scrutiny after video shows officers riding without helmets | Trending News

A video circulating on social media has caused a stir in Delhi, raising concerns about traffic regulations and adherence to the law. The video, reportedly captured near Patel Nagar, shows two Delhi Police officers riding a motorcycle without helmets amidst heavy traffic.

The video has sparked outrage online, with many users questioning the apparent disregard for traffic safety rules, especially by those entrusted with upholding the law. Users expressed concerns about the lack of accountability and the message such actions send to the public.

The Delhi Traffic Police Department has yet to address the situation.

The video was shared by @thesortedkid on Instagram and has over 1 lakh views. “DL5SAJ7273@delhi.police_official @dtptraffic Today, near Patel Nagar, amidst all the traffic, there were two individuals who blatantly disregarded the law and were zooming around without helmets. Are the same laws and fines applicable to everyone, or is this a misuse of power? Is this the example they are setting for our society?” said the caption to the video.

Watch the video below:


One user on Instagram wrote, “all you need is ‘this level of confidence’ in your life.” Another added, “Sometimes some policemen are just so rude and arrogant for no reason!!! Even I faced a similar incidence, I was wearing seatbelt n all n both of them were without helmets n so arrogant!!! I did a complaint n guess what, to whom I complaint few days later he called n texted m at night!!! It was so traumatic I blocked him informed my fam.”

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A third user expressed, “Rules should be equal for everyone whether it’s police or a common man.”



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