Russian man feeds bear a giant lollipop in snowy area; video goes viral | Trending News

Ever find yourself smiling at funny animal videos on social media? These clips have a way of brightening your day, no matter where you are. While these moments can be adorable, it is important to remember you are dealing with wild animals.

A case in point is a recent online video showing a man interacting with a wild bear. It shows a Russian man approaching a bear that is patiently waiting in a snowy area. He then feeds the bear a giant lollipop. The bear cautiously enjoys the treat while the man pats its head in a friendly manner.

Watch the video below:

While this situation appears heart-warming, it is crucial to understand the inherent dangers of interacting with wild animals. Their behaviour can be unpredictable and such close encounters can have severe consequences.

Captioned “Thank you for this year, true bear friendship”, the video has gained five lakh views.

This video has sparked a wave of laughter among internet users. The reactions ranged from downright hilarious to rhetorical and some were expressed with memes. A netizen said, “Bear with a lollipop how does that not make everyone’s day not better!” Another user wrote, “tell me your russian with out telling me your russian.” A third person joked, “So next time there’s a potential bear attack, just give him a lollipop and he’ll leave you alone. Got it.”



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