Shocking! Bike Battery Explodes While Charging, Massive Flames Engulf Home | Viral Video

E-bike battery catches fire | Watch

E-bike battery catches fire | Watch

A video going viral on Instagram shows an explosion taking place inside a house, which could be seen engulfed in smoke after an e-bike battery caught fire while charging. The clip was shared on the Instagram page “chakachaksurat.” The caption reads, “Battery had a blast when charging. Don’t make the mistake of charging the electric bike battery at home and see the results.”

The video shows smoke and flames engulfing the room following the explosion. A man who is recording the whole incident can be heard screaming and shouting for help while also checking on other family members. The video has been widely circulated on social media, evoking a flurry of responses from users.

The Instagram video was posted six days ago and has since become widely popular, reaching over 16.4 million views. Many viewers shared their reactions in the comments section, expressing horror at the scene. Some criticized the person in the video for charging an e-bike battery inside his house, while others questioned why he was recording a video instead of fleeing.

One Instagram user, Avani Zaveri Makwana, claimed to be a relative of the man in the video. She provided an explanation in the comments to address the curiosity of other Instagram users.

“Guys, this is actually an original video from my brother-in-law’s place. He started the video before the blast. He recorded it to show the battery company that some weird noises were coming from it. When he was shooting the video, the incident happened. He tried to warn his mother inside the room and the valuables around him. His mother started shouting from the window for help, and the helpful neighbors gathered to help them in no time. So please stop making fun and learn something from it. He just shared the video in the police station, and some cop shared it to raise awareness,” she wrote.

“This is shocking,” posted an Instagram user.

“Which brand’s battery was this?” asked another.

“You should cut the main electricity power first,” suggested a third.

“New fear successfully unlocked,” wrote a fourth.



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