Video of gig photographer narrowly dodging guitar thrown at him goes viral

A guitarist of a metal band has gone viral over a video of him throwing his guitar to a photographer instead of his guitar tech.

American DJ and heavy metal musician Sullivan King – real name Keaton Prescott – took to his official TikTok account to share a video of him tossing his guitar after a performance over to a concert photographer instead of his guitar tech.

In the clip, the photographer reacted with total surprise as he narrowly dodged the guitar with his camera in his hands and watched it fall to the floor. King looks a the photographer and raised his arms, appearing to question why the photographer didn’t try to catch the flying instrument while an annoyed guitar tech comes out to grab the guitar from the floor.


0 days with out incident on the job site

♬ original sound – Sullivan King

“0 days with out incident on the job site,” read the caption of the video. Fans took to the comments to react to the funny moment. “He was like ‘THIS IS NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR!!!’” read one comment while another user wrote: “One of my cameras and lens is about 7 grand. I’d let the guitar fly too lol.”

King ended up sharing a follow up video onto the social media platform, sharing that there was no bad blood between the photographer and him. The photographer was able to redeem himself by catching a new guitar and then smashing it.

“We would like to give him [the photographer] a shot at redemption of catching a guitar,” King tells the audience in the video, before the photographer successfully catches the instrument. “Turning my photographer into a guitar-catching king,” King joked in the caption.


Replying to @blupillmusic no photographers were harmed in the smashing of this guitar

♬ original sound – Sullivan King

In other metal news, it appears that Slipknot may be planning to release new music. The speculation of new material comes after the metal icons have been teasing a new drummer.



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