‘50 shades of poop’: Viral video of Japan’s poop museum sends internet into a frenzy | Trending News

Paintings, science, artefacts and statues are a few things that come to mind when one thinks of museums. However, a museum in Japan’s Tokyo is promoting a ‘crappy’ day out with its Instagrammable poop theme. A video of a poop museum in Japan has caught the internet’s attention and is receiving mixed reactions.

Shared by a travel handle, Japan Explores, on Instagram, the video shows a vlogger giving a tour of the poop museum. The video opens with a toilet seat cover-themed entrance. From poop-shaped marshmallows to poop cakes and cupcakes to a poop light show, the museum is one of a kind. The museum is filled with vibrant, cute, and picture-worthy poops.

The caption on the video reads, “Poop museum is one of the coolest and most unique museums in Tokyo. Have you ever heard of this museum? Tell us in the comments below.”

Watch the viral video here:

The video did not go unnoticed by travel enthusiasts, who swamped the comments section with their reactions. A user wrote, “Looks pretty shit if you ask me.” Another user wrote, “50 shades of poop.”

“They should start call this sort of spaces not museums but indoor playgrounds. Nobody learn anything or understand anything from these experiences,” the third user argued. “Looks still better than the willy Wonka thing,” another user reacted.

Festive offer

According to the report by Japan Travel Planning, the museum’s mission is to change people’s perceptions about poop.

This is not the only poop museum in the world. Last month, Melbourne opened its first poop museum for the public. According to The Guardian, the museum is located across the road where Melbourne’s first public toilet opened in 1859.



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