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A video of a couple staying in an extremely expensive underwater hotel room has gone viral. The clip captures glimpses of the hotel and how the couple spend their time in the room. Since being shared, the video has created a chatter among netizens, with many sharing that it would be scary for them to stay in a submerged room.

The image shows glimpses from the extremely expensive underwater hotel room. (Instagram/@karaandnate)
The image shows glimpses from the extremely expensive underwater hotel room. (Instagram/@karaandnate)

Travel bloggers Kara and Nate shared the video on Instagram. “Would you stay here?!” they wrote. The clip opens to show them entering their room and then taking a private elevator to go to the room submerged underwater. As the clip progresses, the couple shows different corners of the place.

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Take a look at this intriguing video of the underwater hotel room:

The video was posted last month. Since then, the clip has accumulated more than 74.8 million views – and the numbers are still increasing. The share has further prompted people to post varied comments. Many wrote how it would be terrifying for them to stay at this hotel.

How did Instagram users react to this video of the underwater hotel?

“Imagine how dark it gets at night, and you have no idea what’s behind that glass. No thanks. I’m good. Hard pass,” posted an Instagram user.

“Imagine at night you wake up because you hear a window cracking,” shared another.

“Why did I hold my breath watching this tour,” commented a third.

“This video gave me shortness of breath,” expressed a fourth.

“Imagine when it’s nighttime and pitch dark out there. Can you even sleep without knowing and seeing what’s around you?” asked a fifth.

“One crack and it’s over, no thank you,” wrote a sixth.

What are your thoughts on the video? Would you like to stay in this underwater hotel?



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