Passenger Records ‘Final’ Video After LATAM Airlines Flight Nosedive

After an aircraft from Sydney to Auckland abruptly descended, a guy filmed a video of what he believed was his ‘final’ moment to give to his mother. 

What happened with the



Passenger Records
Encountered a mechanical issue about an hour before landing | Image: Generate on DALL.E

According to sources, LATAM’s flight LA800, which carried 263 passengers and 9 flight and cabin crew members, encountered a mechanical issue about an hour before landing on March 11, producing considerable turbulence. 

At least 50 passengers on the flight were hurt. According to Forbes, some passengers and personnel onboard the airplane crashed into the ceiling as a result of the quick plummet.

Where was the flight headed?

The Daily Mail posted the footage on Instagram, which shows the passenger capturing his ‘final’ moment. The camera footage from inside the plane shows the passengers in a condition of terror. 

Passenger Records
The camera footage from inside the plane shows the passengers in a condition of terror | Image: Instagram

The impacted LA800 flight headed for Santiago arrived smoothly in Auckland at 16:26 pm local time, as planned. Another flight to Santiago, Chile, was scheduled for March 12, departing Auckland at 20:00 p.m. local time.

How did the incident come to an end?

Due to the aircraft cancelation, LATAM Airlines supplied affected customers with meals, lodging, and transportation, according to a statement.   

It was also reported that 13 persons, including passengers and crew, were sent to Middlemore Hospital when the flight landed. One of the people is in bad condition.   

“Clear air turbulence!” I experienced this while traveling from Miami to Heathrow. “The plane dropped dramatically, and everything went flying through the air,” wrote one person. 

Another person stated, “This is why you should always keep your seatbelt fastened loosely when seated and limit movement about the cabin during flights. According to an ex-cabin crew, sudden turbulence is real and can result in major injury!”

Check the scary video here.

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