Viral video shows sale of loose magi on street cart garnering million views

Maggi ka thela: Are you also a maggi lover, loves to eat different recipes of maggi and consume maggi very frequently? 

From its irresistible aroma to its comforting taste, Maggi holds a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of millions worldwide. 

Whether you prefer it spicy or mild, soupy or dry, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Maggi offers a versatile canvas for culinary experimentation. From adding vegetables and spices to incorporating protein-rich ingredients like eggs or chicken, the options are limited only by one’s imagination.

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But have you ever heard of maggi ka thela? Yes, yes you read it right. 

In recent video which is doing rounds on Internet, loose Maggi is being sold akin to vegetables on a street cart has garnered significant attention, garnering million views. 

The viral video depicts a street vendor selling crushed dry Maggi noodles from a street cart just like selling of vegetables, fruits, peanuts, and namkeens on such carts. 

Shared on Instagram by @chatore_broothers, the clip has amassed over 41 million views. It begins with a street cart prominently displaying loose Maggi noodles, devoid of any packaging. The vendor then proceeds to weigh the noodles, adds a strip of masala packets, and transfers the contents into a plastic bag.

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How netizens reacted to the video? 

The video garnered an overwhelming amount of likes, comments, and more than 42 million views on Instagram. One user wrote, “This is expired..Maggie plzz don’t use.” 

Another wrote, “Cancer ka thela,” another excited user asked, “Shark Tank mein kab aa rahe ho bhaiya??” 
A maggi lover commented on the video, “Mujhe bhej do yr bhaiya ka number.” 

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