Wildebeest gives birth in viral video, watch newborn take first steps | Viral Videos

A viral video captured a wildebeest giving birth. The clip showed the mother cleaning and feeding the baby. Meanwhile, the newborn tried to take his first steps.

Cape Town: A video captured a special moment from the wild. It featured a wildebeest giving birth. It also showcased how the mother cleaned the newborn and fed it later. As the video progressed, the newborn took its first steps and tried to master it. Netizens loved the clip. They commented on the clip. One wrote, “While wildebeest might not be the prettiest animal on the savannah, but their ability to run almost right after birth is amazing.” Another netizen thought of the safety of the newborn. They stated, “Hopefully no lions or wild dogs nearby.”

Video credits: Cute Tings/YouTube



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