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A video of an alligator devouring another was posted on social media. Since then, the video has gone viral. People couldn’t stop commenting about cannibalism and were shocked to see an alligator eating its own kind.

The image, taken from a viral video, shows an alligator eating another one. (Instagram/@therealtarzann)
The image, taken from a viral video, shows an alligator eating another one. (Instagram/@therealtarzann)

Wildlife enthusiast Mike Holston posted the video on Instagram. “Bigger Alligator eating a smaller alligator,” he shared along with the video.

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The clip opens to show marshland with an alligator lying in a small water stream. It is seen holding another alligator in its mouth. At one point, the bigger alligator slams the other reptile into the ground without letting it escape its jaws.

Take a look at this video that shows the brutal side of nature:

The video was posted a day ago. Since then, the clip has gone viral with over 2.9 million views. The share has further prompted people to post varied comments.

What did Instagram users say about this video of the alligators?

“Why do they eat their own?” wondered an Instagram user.

“The slam was for show. He knew that he was being recorded,” added another.

“Hannibal Allectergator,” posted a third, referencing fictional serial killer Dr Hannibal Lecter, who eats his victims.

“The wild is a crazy place,” wrote a fourth.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, alligators are “opportunistic feeders”. They eat everything from insects to amphibians to small fish. Not just that, adult alligators also eat snakes, small mammals, birds, and turtles. Cannibalism is also observed in this species.

What are your thoughts on this video of the alligators? Did the clip leave you scared?




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