British vlogger impressed by Malayali rickshaw driver’s English skills; video goes viral | Travel

The video of a Malayali auto driver who impressed a British vlogger with his fluency in the English language has gone viral on social media. Noted vlogger Zakkyzuu who was in Fort Kochi recently has shared the video on his Instagram page. Zakkyzuu says how Ashraf, the auto driver offered to help when he was struggling to find an ATM in the midday heat. Even though the vlogger was hesitant wondering whether the auto driver spoke English, he asked him where the ATM was.

To the surprise of Zakkyzuu, Ashraf spoke fluent English and even offered a ride to the ATM that was a few meters away. Zakkyzuu who was impressed by the auto driver’s fluency in English language accepted the offer and rode in the auto until the ATM.

Praising the auto driver’s English-speaking skills, the vlogger wrote, “Ashraf spoke the best English I’ve heard from an auto driver in India and made surprisingly good conversation. I only say this because there have been severe enough language barriers with auto drivers to the point where I was constantly unable to get a ride so I started using Uber.”

Zakkyzuu had posted the video on his Instagram page on March 2. The video has garnered more than 700,000 likes and around six thousand comments lauding the efforts of the auto driver. Meanwhile, many foreigners as well as Indians are posting comments that praise the cultural diversity of Kerala. 



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