Elderly Woman Dances With Beer Bottle On Head, Video Goes Viral | WATCH

Women Dances With Beer Bottle On head Video Goes Viral

Women Dances With Beer Bottle On head Video Goes Viral | Image:X

Viral news: A video is trending on social media shows an elderly women dancing on a popular Bollywood song, keeping a beer bottle on her head.

This dance video is going viral on internet with viewers praising elderly woman’s moves. The viral video is an absolute delight watching this old women dancing with such comfort and ease.

Details Of Video:

The viral dance video comes with an interesting caption says, “She ate Bobby Deol in breakfast” aims to compare an elderly woman’s dance moves with actor’s on screen dance performance.

In the viral video an elderly looking women in green saree can be seen dancing, whistling and cheering up on a popular bollywood movie song. The woman also carrying a small beer bottle on her head, which makes the whole dance act even more interesting. 

Watch Viral Video Here:

Woman’s concentration and balancing moves catches the attention of others present in the restaurant. In the next part of the video a guy jumps in the frame and starts grooving along with the woman.

This interesting video was shared by @desimojito on social media platform X, has gone viral with massive 549.8K views and counting. Viewers in the comment section are praising her dancing spirit. One viewers comments, “Gen-Z dadi”, another viewer comments, “Badass naani”, one more comment says, “When I grow up, I want to be like her.”

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