Kavitha’s Emotional Hug To Son

What looked inevitable has happened now as Kalvakuntla Kavitha has been arrested by the Enforcement Directorate in the Delhi Liquor scam case. She is being taken to Delhi by the ED sleuths for further investigation.

The visuals from Kaviha’s residence during the time of the arrest are all over social platforms now and there is one very interesting sighting that was spotted.

While Kavitha was coming out along with other BRS leaders and the ED officials, she had an emotional moment with her son. Kavitha gave an emotional hug to her son before walking away along with the ED officials towards the car that is designated to take her to the airport.

The video of Kavitha’s emotional parting with her son before the imminent arrest is trending on social platforms.

Before leaving in the car, Kavitha was assured by her brother KTR and uncle Harish Rao. She was seen gesturing towards the BRS cadres with a closed fight, as a show of strength an courage.

BRS leaders have called for a press meet to comment about the series of events leading to Kavitha’s arrest by the ED.



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