Kitchener residents escape armed carjacking in viral video

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In Toronto, home invasions and break-and-enters for auto thefts rose 400% in 2023.

And it’s just as bad in the rest of Ontario, with a vehicle stolen every 14 minutes in the province.

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Things don’t look to be changing anytime soon, especially when Toronto Police suggest making things easier for thieves to steal your vehicles by leaving your keys by the front door.

The latest carjacking caught on camera occurred in Kitchener earlier this week.

On Monday at about 10 p.m., Waterloo Regional Police responded to a report of a carjacking in the area of Elmsdale Dr. and Huntsworth Ave.

The victim was in the parking lot of their residence when they were approached by multiple carjackers, according to police.

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The victim was forced out of their vehicle when a firearm was brandished towards them, cops said.

As seen on the video, the victim and others – one of whom appeared to be holding an infant carrier –  were able to escape unharmed and the suspects got away with the vehicle (after a painful multi-point turn in the parking lot) before police arrived on scene.

The vehicle was later located in the area of Marina Rd. and Belmont Ave., about five kilometres away.


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Last month, the federal government earmarked $121 million to combat car theft and gang activity in Ontario, along with $28 million to help stop the export of stolen vehicles.

But that wasn’t enough for people on social media who were unsurprised by yet another carjacking as well as the government’s role in the increase in crime.

“Welcome to Canada the world’s newest 3rd world development,” one person wrote. “Congratulations Liberals, this is the utopia you voted for.”

Another added: “I can’t wait for the Conservatives to win a super majority and all of Trudeau’s bulls*** will hopefully get reversed and crimes will actually be punished and drugs might actually be illegal again.”

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