Newly Married Wife Stocks Up Freezer with Assorted Foods, Video Trends: “I Cook Once for the Month”

  • A married woman has revealed how she prepares and stores meals for an entire month for her family
  • The smart wife revealed that her husband buys the groceries while she cooks what will last for the family
  • Netizens took to the comments section to appreciate her husband, who doesn’t demand fresh food at all times

A newly married woman has captivated viewers on TikTok with a video showcasing her meal strategy for the family.

Newly married woman says she cooks once every month
Newly married woman shares kitchen tips
Photo: @olaedoowenbrown/TikTok.
Source: UGC

The lady, identified as @olaedo.owenbrown on TikTok, shared a video of herself cooking different meals, which she said would last a month.

Married woman shares kitchen tips

According to Olaedo, cooking all the meals at once for the month makes it easier for her to have weekend timeouts as a young lady who works 9-5.

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While her husband helps her buy groceries, she does the cooking, which helps reduce stress.

She added that she usually prepares three different kinds of soup, which will be enough for the family till the month ends.

She also prepares different kinds of rice, porridge, fries, and roasted chicken.

She said:

“I pick out one weekend in a month, usually the first weekend of the month, and I meal prep for the entire month.”

Reactions trail lady’s cooking style

Netizens stated that the lady was fortunate to have a husband who eats refrigerated food.

Cradles and Moms said:

“People saying they can’t eat stale food are funny to me. You’re doing well Mama. I’m new to this marriage thing and luckily, my husband also likes noodles and cornflakes like me.”

Genesis cosmetics said:

“My husband will never eat microwave food he always demand for fresh food every day.”

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CAMARIKA reacted:

“Some men say they don’t like freezer food, they want daily fresh meals.”

Marve commented:

“I guess I’m in a different world cos in my marriage, my husband does majority of the house chores and when I offer to help, he says “no, go and rest and yes, he has a job.”

OYE said:

“You’re blessed your man eats stored food not mine. He likes his food fresh cause I don’t like stale foods too.”

Mrs Vanessa Joyce MK said:

“Married for almost three years I cook everyday because I really do love cooking and making new dishes is more like a hobby for me.”

Lam_ossie commented:

“When I told my friends I’ll be cooking once a month they thought I was unreasonable. I can’t be cooking everyday. I’ll rather do it all in a day.”

Adeyemi isaac said:

“Me who doesn’t like frozen food, have not eaten out in four years, and cook my food myself everyday.”

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Diamond reacted:

“This won’t work for me I like fresh food if the meal is over two weeks in the fridge I forget it’s there and I hate it.”

Ololade reacted:

“I’m three months in and it’s not easy. I have a nine to five that’s draining and some days I’m like I don’t want to cook. But looking at my husband I feel guilty.”

The Soft Girl said:

“This is nice, do what works for you. Unfortunately I don’t like stale food highest one week.”

Watch the video below:

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