SHOCKING! Man performs real-life ‘Subway Surfers’ on train’s top, internet asks ‘do you have keys’

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Image Source : INSTAGRAM/AMARBANGLAREMATI Screengrab of Viral video

Viral video: A video of a man attempting to recreate a popular mobile game ‘Subway Surfers’ by performing a stunt on top of a moving train has gone viral on social media and has drawn criticism from the internet which brutally trolled him. The video was recorded in Bangladesh and was shared on Instagram by ‘amarbanglaremati’ on March 13. The man in the video was seen ducking to the top of the bridge when the train crossed the bridge built on a river.


In the video, the man is seen standing on the roof of the moving train and ducking, imitating the character in the mobile game in which the character dodges or jumps over a hurdle. The man in the video, however, only ducked and did not jump.

What did the people say?

The video has gone viral garnering lakhs of views and over 15k likes and several comments.

One of the users said, “Bangladesh is not for beginners”.

Users trolled the man and said that he would not be getting a restart.

“Bangladesh is not for beginners,” a user wrote.

“Bro won’t be getting a restart,” another wrote.

“But bro, do you have keys?” another user said.

India Tv - Reactions of users

Image Source : INSTAGRAMReactions of users

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