US Governor Kristi Noem faces lawsuit over viral ‘smile’ video

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Kristi Noem, the Governor of South Dakota, was sued over a viral video promoting dentists who fixed her smile

Kristi Noem, the Governor of South Dakota and a running mate for Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential race, was sued over a video she recently shared promoting dentists.

In a video that she created, Noem talked about getting her teeth fixed by a dentistry company, Smile Texas.

However, her action sparked strict response from a group called Travelers United, a consumer advocacy group, that filed the complaint in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

Travellers United sued Noem because they believe she did not ‘play fairly’. The group alleged that she did not disclose to viewers of the video that she is financially associated with Smile Texas.

Noem, in the video, said: “I’m the governor of South Dakota and had the opportunity to come to Smile Texas to fix my teeth, which has been absolutely amazing.”

“I want when people look at me to hear the words that I say and not be distracted by something that I’m wearing or how I look or even my appearance. I want them to focus on my thoughts and ideas and what we can do to really make this country better.”

“So, for me being able to have a confident smile and have my teeth be something that’s not a distraction, but actually is appealing to people will be helpful because I think that it’ll make sure that we’re focused on really the right points that I want to make and make sure that that confidence shines through. I love it.”

Travelers United stated in its lawsuit: “Kristi Noem is the governor of South Dakota for a living but seems to have taken up work as a social media influencer as of 12 March 2024.”

“Companies like Smile Texas, pay influencers, like Kristi Noem, to promote their product or service to her followers … Sitting politicians do not typically work as part-time social media influencers.”

The lawsuit also referenced remarks made on social media that questioned Noem’s motives for endorsing a private business. 

The lawsuit claimed that “Noem is a smart woman who knew that laws apply to advertising disclosure on social media … but she never fixed any of her posts promoting Smile Texas.”



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