76 Year Old Wrestler Lifts Heavy Weight, Video Goes Viral | WATCH

76 year old wrestler lifts heavy weight, video goes viral

76 year old wrestler lifts heavy weight, video goes viral | Image:Instagram

Viral news: Social media is full of surprises and shocking videos, in addition to this a video has surfaced on social media which showcase a 76 year old wrestler who is lifting and swinging heavy weights.

The viral wrestler video shared by @gyanindianjori comes with a caption which says, “76 Years Old Pahalwan Pt. Shridhar Mishra Swinging Heavy Jori 25-25 Kg Each”.

‘Pahalwan’ is a term used for ‘wrestlers’ in Indian subcontinent.

In the viral video we can see that an old wrestler is carrying heavy weight 25 Kg each on his shoulder, but he doesn’t stop here. 

In the other part of the viral video this 76 year old wrestler starts to swinging heavy weight around his shoulders like a pro. In the background people who are watching the entire act can be seen suppoting and cheering him up.

Watch Viral Video Here:

According to the viral social media post, this 76 year old wrestler is Shridhar Mishra from Varanasi. 

Netizens on the other hand seems to be shocked and expressing their views in the comment section. A viewer in the comment section says, “He can lift this at the age of 76 then imagine his power at the age of 25″, another viewer comments, ”Age is just a number”. One more viewer says, “Our beautiful Indian culture”.





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