‘Bhindi samosa’: Bizarre culinary craze sparks debate online. Watch video | Trending News

A new ‘green’ twist to samosa is now the talk of the town. The Internet is buzzing with the latest culinary craze: the ‘bhindi samosa’.

Yes, you read that right. The crispy, golden samosas are stuffed not with the classic potato filling, but with okra.

This bizarre trend has sparked a heated debate online. The video showcases the preparation of ‘bhindi’ samosas and it has racked up millions of views, with netizens raving about the unique texture.

Watch the video below:

However, traditionalists are clutching their pearls. Comment sections are filled with horrified pleas to “leave the samosa alone” and dire warnings about the future of Indian cuisine.

One user wrote, “Oh my God…. Hey Hariram Krishna Jagganath Premanand what happened.” Another user added, “You ruined the mood.” A third user, almost offended, wrote, “I wish there was a dislike button on Instagram.”

Will it dethrone the aloo samosa from its throne? Only time and countless taste tests will tell. So, the question remains—would you dare to try a bhindi samosa?



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