Brian Chira’s First Viral Video Emerges: “From Accident Eye Witness to Victim”

  • Famed TikToker Brian Chira, now deceased, earned clout from an accident scene in which he amusingly gave his account as an eyewitness
  • In his first viral video, a seemingly mellow Chira subdued the other eyewitnesses with his intonations to win the attention of a television interviewer
  • He later got into the Kenyan celebrity sphere and gossip mills, constantly courting controversy with his conduct in public

Kai Eli, a journalist at, brings more than three years of experience covering politics and current affairs in Kenya.

Deceased TikTok content creator Brian Chira came to the limelight after a video of him at an accident scene went viral.

Brian Chira at Kiss FM studios.
Deceased TikToker Brian Chira inside the Kiss FM studios in Nairobi. Photo: Kiss FM.
Source: Instagram

An accident had occurred in Nakuru and he happened to have been present.

A tipsy Chira’s narration and intonations at the scene took the attention of the interviewer and other witnesses.

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It was also at the scene that he introduced his signature “I’m Brian Chira” punchline.

The clip earned him fame and clout that would thrust him into the Kenyan celebrity sphere and gossip mills.

Kenyan netizens unearthed the video upon the news of his demise.

“Brian Chira moved from being a witness to an accident that brought him to the limelight to being a victim of an accident. The irony of life. May he Rest in Peace,” reacted Bravin Yuri.




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