Netizens react to Chinese man’s shiny blue hairstyle. Watch video | Trending News

Videos that go viral on social media are often illogical and defy common sense. One such video from China shows a man reportedly getting a ‘clepsydra-inspired’ hairstyle. One of the oldest time-measuring instruments, a clepsydra is a water clock or timekeeping device where a liquid’s regulated flow measures time.

In a video shared by @xsunflower69 on Instagram, a barber at a Chinese salon applies blue gel to a customer’s head and fashions it into the likeness of a clepsydra.

Watch the video below:

At the end of the video, the customer exits the salon, sporting the clepsydra-inspired design, complete with a glowing blue interior.

The post has since gone viral, sparking reactions from netizens worldwide. One user joked, “Bro got that ‘bluetooth device is connected successfully’ haircut.” Another added, “now attach a siren to the top of the head.” A third user expressed, “I thought he’s going to make him into Boss Hyogoro from One Piece.” A fourth user wrote, “This looks so good omg <3”.



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