This Viral TikTok Video Uses Popsicle Sticks To Recreate 4-Cylinder Engine Sounds

Creator @minimotordiy is still relatively new to TikTok, having only posted on the platform since late 2023, but the creator has already found their niche with their mini cardboard creations. Although the video of the 4-cylinder engine was by far the creator’s most viral, it’s far from their last project and definitely not the only one to use popsicle sticks.

Their explosion on TikTok began with their first DIY mini engine, gaining hundreds of thousands of views after creating a V8 engine with some cardboard, a power drill, metal wire, and of course, popsicle sticks. From there, @minimotordiy dove deeper into what kind of engine noises you can make with a few household items. They perfected the miniature V8 while experimenting with larger DIY projects, creating the viral 4-cylinder cardboard engine and a two-pipe 8-cylinder engine. They even added a few pieces of PVC pipe to their arsenal, using it to put together a DIY Subura boxer and 3-cylinder engines.

In fact, @minimotordiy has even put together games with their cardboard creations, such as having audiences guess the number of cylinders of one of their latest projects. And it’s safe to say they’ve only perfected their DIY engines, as they’re practically indiscernible from their real-life counterparts.



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