Viral Video: US Woman Discovers Vial of Human Blood in Shein Package, Warns Fellow Shoppers | Viral News

Viral Video US Woman Discovers Vial of Human Blood in Shein Package Warns Fellow Shoppers

Trending News: A shocking discovery has left one American woman shaken after she received an alarming surprise in her Shein delivery. Anna Elliott shared her unsettling experience on TikTok and YouTube after ordering clothes from the popular fast fashion brand. Instead of her anticipated items, Elliott found a blood vial with no identifying information. Despite the lack of details, she reached out to the testing company linked to the sample, only to find they were equally baffled by the mix-up.

In her video, Elliott revealed, “The lady from the testing company said they are trying to track it down. She said that it was completely mishandled, and that they don’t even ship blood to residents. They only ship blood back and forth between doctors.” Concerned for her safety, Elliott promptly alerted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who classified the incident as a potential biohazard and filed a report.

Taking further action, Elliott informed her local Sheriff’s office, who promptly collected the blood vial for investigation. The response from viewers was one of shock and concern. A YouTube user commented, “That’s insane! How can they possibly mess up this badly? I’m glad you weren’t hurt or anything and that the police are looking into it. Hopefully, they can figure out who was responsible.”

Watch the viral video below:

In a subsequent video, Elliott disclosed that the police declined to test the vial or investigate its origin unless prompted by the CDC. Frustrated by Shein’s initial lack of response, Elliott emphasized the importance of handling Shein packages with caution. She recounted another alarming incident where a friend received a used syringe with her Shein order, raising serious safety concerns. Despite Shein’s denial of responsibility, Elliott urged vigilance and caution when dealing with their packages to avoid potential harm.



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