What does a pilot see from aeroplane? Viral video shows breathtaking view! | Viral Videos

Ever wondered what a pilot sees from an airplane? This viral video reveals just that, showcasing the breathtaking perspective from the cockpit. Watch to know more!

New Delhi: The view from a plane window is an unparalleled experience and offers a breathtaking view of the land below. We all have experienced the beautiful view. But have you ever wondered what a pilot sees when they are flying an airplane? Well, this viral video shows just that! A video that surfaced on social media shows a pilot’s view from the plane. And it is truly breathtaking!

Several netizens have reacted to the viral video. “Love flying over cotton candy clouds!” one social media user commented. “This is why I want to be a pilot,” another social media user wrote. Some netizens said that they were scared of the speed and view that a pilot has to see from the airplane.

Video credit: Instagram/cryst_paul_521



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