‘Chaddi Gang’ Members Loot Hyderabad School, Video of Bizarre Robbery Goes Viral | Viral News

Viral Video Shows 'Chaddi Gang' Robbing Hyderabad School

Viral Video Shows ‘Chaddi Gang’ Robbing Hyderabad School

The notorious “Chaddi Baniyan Gang” has once again made its appearance, sparking concerns among residents of Hyderabad. A private school in the southern state’s Hafizpet,

was reportedly robbed of Rs 7.85 lakhs on Saturday midnight. The clip of the robbery has now gone viral on social media, showing the gang committing the crime in its dress code, which consists of undergarments (Chaddis) and being armed with weapons from the school’s office counter. The act, which was filmed on CCTV, has raised worries among netizens, and the school management has filed a police report.

The Kachcha Baniyan Gangs, often referred to as the Chaddi Baniyan Gangs, are criminal groups with no particular syndicate or head, still operating in certain regions of India. The gang got its name from its dress code while committing robberies and murders.

The gang is primarily active in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat, but not limited to these states. The gangs have committed hundreds of robberies, dozens of murders, rapes, and even more assaults.

In the ‘90s, they earned a name for themselves when they decamped with jewelry worth lakhs and cash while assaulting and even murdering some victims. They were featured on several news outlets for their cruel methods and the mockery they made of their victims by eating their food after assaulting them and then defecating in the house before leaving.



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