Donald Trump Dancing Video Goes Viral

Over the years Donald Trump has been known to bust out a move or two while on the campaign trail, and now one video of him dancing has gone viral online.

A clip was posted to X, formerly Twitter, by Ron Filipkowski, a Trump critic and the editor-in-chief of the independent news network MeidasTouch. In the video, Trump can be seen dancing on stage by moving his clenched fists back and forth while audience members cheer him on.

“Mar-a-Lago last night. Such a weird cult,” Filipkowski captioned the clip, which had 323,700 views at the time of writing.

Newsweek emailed a Trump spokesperson for comment on Monday.

People took to the comments to agree with Filipkowski’s sentiment, with some theorizing that Trump didn’t want to be at the event.

“Going to Mar-a-Lago is like going backwards in time just like Trump,” one person commented.

“Who told him that this is a good look? Sad and embarrassing,” said another.

“Going through the motions. He’s decrepit, and the decline is steep,” someone else wrote.

A fourth added: “I think his handlers forced him to go up there. Notice his facial expression and the way he slaps the rail afterwards. Someone is cranky. Oh noes.”

Donald Trump dancing
Donald Trump dances after speaking at a rally on February 14 in North Charleston, South Carolina. A recent video of him dancing at Mar-a-Lago has gone viral online.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

However, others stood up for the former president.

“Yeah so weird compared to the child sniffing, men dressed as woman, coke sniffing pedophiles. SO WEIRD!” one person wrote, referencing an old video that was digitally altered so it sounded like President Joe Biden loudly sniffed a young child.

This isn’t the first time that Trump, the presumed 2024 GOP presidential nominee, has had his dancing go viral.

In February, a video of Trump dancing with cheerleaders before the Super Bowl was posted to X by Margo Martin, the former president’s deputy director of communications.

“President @realDonaldTrump is greeted by local high school band at Trump International Golf Course prior to Super Bowl kickoff!!” she captioned the clip, which she posted on February 11.

The event took place at the Trump International Golf Course in Florida where cheerleaders put on a show for Trump, who briefly danced along to tunes played by a local high school band. At the time of writing, the video had been viewed 4.6 million times.

Trump’s dance floor antics were previously put to shame by former first lady Melania Trump. During his address to the California Republican Party on September 29, 2023, the former president revealed his wife had called out his dancing and storytelling for being “unpresidential.”

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While addressing the subject of men and women in sport, he recounted a golf trip with former NFL player Brian Urlacher. Trump then told a story about a female weightlifter and moved to impersonate her, but caught himself and stopped.

He said: “I don’t want to imitate her. As you know, my wife, the first lady, hates when I do this. She said, ‘It’s not presidential.’ And I said yeah, ‘But people like it.’”

The audience cheered and laughed as he resumed: “She said it’s not presidential, and I understand. She also has two things, that, and she doesn’t like when I dance a little bit to the [campaign] music.”

He pumped his fists into the air and briefly showed off one of his moves before adding: “I said I have a problem because everybody wants it. They are screaming ‘dance, dance, dance.’”