Man Plays With Housefly Using Poker Chips, Facebook Reel Hits 1.9 Million Views

Why catch a fly when you can spend some time playing with it? While several people might have tried to trick a housefly and grab it in their palms, not everyone could have possibly achieved that. Similarly challenging is another idea of playing with it. Yes, as we know the fly escapes with even the slightest movement by us, a reel shows how a person managed to enjoy some time with some fun games to entertain the fly. WATCH VIDEO

It seemed like the person was training the housefly to stand up and fly again after it purportedly settled on a table being unwell. It is arguable whether someone is teaching the housefly to fly or is casually playing with it for fun. In either of the cases, the video is a great one.

The video which has surfaced on Facebook, originally believed to be a Snapchat post, opens by showing a fly in its lazy mood. It was seen resting on a poker chip unless the person approached it for some activity time.

Seconds into the video, the man placed his finger on the table and started patting to grab the fly’s attention. The smart fly obeyed his instructions and came closer to his finger. While that was impressive in itself, the play didn’t end there. Next, the man dragged his finger to a certain spot on the surface and the fly followed it carefully. No sooner, it also played with a poker chip that it was introduced to.

Now, the adorable video is winning the hearts of netizens. It has gone viral with 1.9 million views.



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