Man Thrashed Brutally For Parking His Vehicle In Front Of Assailant’s House In Bengaluru

Viral Video: Man Thrashed Brutally For Parking His Vehicle In Front Of Assailant’s House In Bengaluru | X

Bengaluru: A video posted by an X user with handle- Ghar Ke Kalesh is doing rounds on social media. The video shows that a man is being gheraoed, attacked and brutally assaulted by a group of men. The video clearly shows how a verbal argument takes a violent turn where the group starts beating up the man. The man is seen attempting to resist and fight back however the assailants later intensify their aggression and pushing him down on the floor. Later the man was mercilessly attacked and thrashed by the group. Two women in the video are seen seeking for help.

The user who has posted the video said that the video was from Bengaluru and that the man was thrashed for parking his vehicle in front of the assailants. The user claims that the man who was thrashed had moved into an apartment in the area one day ago. The exact date and location of the incident was not clear.

This is not the first case in which an argument over parking slot has taken an ugly turn. In Mirpur village of Sultanpur district of UP, a youth identified as Vipin stabbed his elder brother multiple times after they had an argument over the parking of a bike on March 11th. The family members reportedly tried hard to control Vipin, but in vain. Residents after being shocked to see what had happened, hurriedly admitted Vipin to hospital, however he was declared dead upon reaching. Parents of the two brothers who had a heated argument over parking their bike on a street of Mirpur village were left in a state of shock as little did they know that such a trivial argument would take such a disastrous turn.



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