Shopkeeper Thrashed For Playing Hanuman Bhajan During Azaan

Bengaluru Viral Video: A shopkeeper was brutally thrashed by a group of men after they complained that he was playing loud music during Azaan.

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Bengaluru Viral VIDEO: Shopkeeper Thrashed For Playing ‘Hanuman Bhajan’ During Azaan

Bengaluru: A shocking incident has emerged from Karnataka’s Bengaluru where a shopkeeper was thrashed by a group of individuals as he was allegedly playing ‘Hanuman Bhajan’ during Azaan. The incident took place in the Siddanna Layout area on Sunday. The entire incident was recorded in a CCTV camera installed inside the shop. In the clip, a group of men can be seen coming to the shop and started arguing with the shopkeeper. Soon the altercation escalated and one of the men grabbed the shopkeeper by his collar, prompting others to hit him back.

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The video shows another man also starting to hit the shopkeeper, after which he gets out of the shop. As the video proceeds, the individuals can be seen thrashing the shopkeeper with punches and kicks.

After some time, the men dispersed, and the victim returned to the shop with blood all over his face.

“I was playing Hanuman Bhajan. Four to five people came and said it was time for Azaan and threatened to beat me if I played music. They beat me and threatened me again that they would stab me with a knife,” ANI quoted the shopkeeper as saying.

The local police have filed an FIR against the accused men, who have been identified as Suleman, Shahnawaz, Rohith, Dyanish, and Taruna.
According to the DCP Central, cops have arrested three accused persons in connection with he case. “We are enquiring. The group that assaulted the shopkeeper included both Hindus and Muslims,” he said.

Police are investigating the case from all angles as it can hamper the communal harmony in the area.



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