‘That Will Kill Us’: Pilot Screams At Tourist After She Grabs Helicopter Lever | Viral Video | Viral News

Screengrab from the viral video.

Screengrab from the viral video.

A helicopter pilot in the United States had a near-death experience when a passenger attempted to take control of the lever. The viral video opens to show the pilot screaming in fear, saying, “No! No! That will kill us!” The passenger can be seen trying to reach for the lever, while the pilot puts his hands on the lever to stop him. When the incident unfolded, the helicopter was flying over the Grand Canyon, as reported by Fox News. During her vacation, Cherlin Bijlsma opted to take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon while she was visiting the West Coast. Following the terrifying incident, the 27-year-old Dutchman shared a video of the moment when a fellow passenger—who was riding in front—reached for the lever, the outlet further said.

“She was apparently about to yank the lever that controls the rotor brake, which stops the all-important propeller from spinning,” an airline official told The New York Post. “The problem is that it can only be used on the ground — not hundreds of feet in the air,” they added.

The video has been viewed by over 28 million viewers, with many users responding with questions. Here’s the viral video:

“Why is she in the co-pilot seat?” one user asked.

Another user said, “Straight back to the landing pad, no refund.”



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