Video Of This Red-spitting Cobra Viral; Internet Debates If It’s Fake Or Real

Last Updated: March 18, 2024, 13:45 IST

Red Spitting Cobra is generally found in Africa.

Red Spitting Cobra is generally found in Africa.

A video of a red cobra has gained traction online, where after being pulled out by a man, it can be seen spreading its hood.

The animal kingdom never fails to astound and surprise humans, with numerous rare species captivating attention when spotted. Recently, a video featuring a red cobra has stirred up intrigue online, prompting debates over its authenticity.

Snakes, often evoking a mix of fascination and fear, were the subject of this viral video. It depicts a man extracting a blood-red snake, which promptly spreads its hood in a manner reminiscent of a cobra. However, the uniqueness of a red cobra raised scepticism among viewers. The video garnered over 16,000 views on Instagram, sparking discussions about its legitimacy.

Social media users expressed doubts about the video’s authenticity, with some suggesting it could be doctored. Comments ranged from disbelief to accusations of the snake being painted or altered digitally. Amidst the scepticism, one user noted the rarity of such a sight, acknowledging that red cobras are indeed a scarce find.

Indeed, the bright red hue of the Cobra is a rare phenomenon, attributed to a species known as the Red Spitting Cobra. While the veracity of the viral video remains uncertain, it is factual that Red Spitting Cobras exist. These elusive creatures primarily inhabit regions of Africa, including Egypt, Tanzania, Uganda and Sudan, as documented by A-Z Animals. The species, scientifically known as Naja Pallida, has adapted venom-spitting capabilities, believed to have evolved from interactions with early humans. This adaptation allows them to target human eyes from a distance of up to 8 feet, providing an escape route.

Despite the name suggesting a red colouration, Red Spitting Cobras may vary in hues, ranging from orange, pink and yellow, to grey or brown. Upon closer examination of the video, discrepancies arise, raising suspicions of potential alteration or paint application, diverging from the characteristic appearance of Red Spitting Cobras.

While the authenticity of the viral video remains inconclusive, the fascination surrounding the elusive Red Spitting Cobra continues to intrigue enthusiasts and researchers alike.



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