Viral Video Shows Red-Spitting Cobra; Netizens Ask Real or Fake? | Viral News

Screengrab from the viral video.

Screengrab from the viral video.

A video featuring a blood-red snake, resembling a cobra, has sparked debate online. The footage depicts a man handling the crimson serpent, which promptly spreads its hood in a classic cobra-like display. However, skepticism regarding the authenticity of the video quickly emerged among viewers, with some questioning whether it was digitally altered or staged. Despite doubts, the video’s subject, a red cobra, is indeed a rare and fascinating sight. Social media discussions ranged from disbelief to accusations of manipulation, but one user pointed out the scarcity of such occurrences, acknowledging the existence of red cobras.

The bright red hue of the snake in question is attributed to a species known as the Red Spitting Cobra (Naja Pallida). These elusive creatures primarily inhabit various regions of Africa, including Egypt, Tanzania, Uganda, and Sudan. Documented by A-Z Animals, the Red Spitting Cobra has adapted venom-spitting capabilities, which are believed to have evolved from interactions with early humans. This adaptation allows them to target human eyes accurately from distances of up to 8 feet, aiding in their escape.



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