Lucky Escape: Viral Video Shows A Seal Jumping Into Boat To Avoid Killer Whale Attack | WATCH

Seal escapes at the last second by jumping on a boat

Seal escapes at the last second by jumping on a boat | Image:X

Viral: A clever seal in desperate need of food recently figured out a clever strategy to avoid a group of ferocious killer whale by using some innocent humans and their boat. The video was uploaded by @AMAZlNGNATURE on X (formerly twitter), and it didn’t specify where it was taken, but it looked like the men on the boat were snapping pictures of the seal hunters. 

At the beginning of the video, the water dog abruptly jumps onto the back of the boat. “Just stay there,will you?” Says a man to the seal. The seal appears to have jumped into the boat before recognizing it was a poor idea and jumping out again. Footage of the incident shows the seal returning to the boat from the ocean and at least three whales around the boat. The seal dove into the water once more and attempted to use the boat’s motor to defend itself from the killer whales.

Luckily, this tale ends happily—at least for the seal. When the seal finally swims off into the water, the group is seen congratulating it.



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