This SUV recklessly ripped through Goa’s protected Turtle Beach; case registered as video sparks outrage | Trending News

A man, reportedly drunk, was recently seen driving an SUV recklessly along the pristine shores of Goa’s protected Turtle Beach in Morjim and a video of the incident, shared by @goa365tv, drew widespread attention to the issue.

According to sources, two people from Delhi rented the private car in which they were seen driving through the beach. The video shows the car speeding through the sensitive nesting area, prompting significant apprehension regarding its effect on the Olive Ridley turtles there.

Watch the video below:

The clip led to widespread condemnation, as vehicles of this nature are strictly forbidden on beaches, with even stricter regulations enforced on those designated as turtle nesting sites. A case has been registered under environmental protection laws.

The comments section of the video saw several social media users expressing concern over the incident. One netizen wrote, “I am from Delhi and I fully support the idea that Delhiites should be banned from all places.”

Another added, “Dilli is hell on earth. It should be quarantined and nobody who has lived there should be allowed to move out.” A third, appearing furious, wrote, “I’m sorry to say but delhi people are ruining goa. Most of the properties are now owned by delhi people.”



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