Viral Video Shows Woman’s Gas-Saving Method To Cook Aloo Puri, Netizens Split. Watch | Viral News

Viral Video Shows Womans Gas-Saving Method To Cook Aloo Puri Netizens Split Watch

Trending News: In the vast world of the Internet, there’s always something cooking up that surprises us. From strange food combinations to unconventional cooking methods, culinary experiments never cease to amaze. Recently, another peculiar cooking technique has caught the attention of social media users, sparking curiosity and debate. In a viral Instagram clip, a woman is seen multitasking on one gas stove, cooking both poori and aloo sabzi simultaneously to save gas.

The video begins with potatoes boiling in a pressure cooker, steam rising without a lid. The woman then places a cooking pot on the open cooker, pouring in oil and frying rolled-out dough for fluffy, golden-brown pooris. Remarkably, this method heats both the pooris and the potatoes underneath simultaneously, requiring just one gas stove.

Watch the viral video below:

Opinions on the video are divided. Some find the method impossible due to differing boiling points of water and vegetable oil. Others praise the woman’s ingenuity, calling it the best way to save gas and admiring her talent. With over 7.4 million views, the video has sparked interest, with some eager to try the technique themselves.

A concerned user wrote, “Cooker k pressure se agr kadhai uchal gyi to aap ka kya hoga?” Another commented, “Are didi itni bhi bachat mt kro.” A third added, “Indians moms jugadu idea.” A fourth stated, “Cooker ki sitti bjaa ke jyadaa gas bachh jaati.”



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