From F1 Rookie to Racing Millionaire

Lance Stroll is a Canadian and Belgian racing driver competing in Formula One.

He races for Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team and has an impressive career record, including victories in FIA Formula 3 and FIA Formula 4 championships.

Stroll achieved his first podium finish at the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix and his first pole position at the 2020 Turkish Grand Prix.

He is known for his resilience and skill on the track, with multiple podium finishes and a strong presence in the Formula One circuit since his debut in 2017.

Stroll’s career showcases his talent and determination in the world of motorsport.

Net worth $50 million
Profession Racing driver
Date of birth October 29, 1998
Nationality Canadian, Belgian

Background and early life

Stroll, born on October 29, 1998, in Montreal, Canada, is the son of billionaire businessman Lawrence Stroll and Claire-Ann Stroll.

He began his racing journey at the age of 10 with a passion for Formula 1.

Stroll’s early success in karting led him to join the Ferrari Driver Academy at just 11 years old.

His progression through junior categories attracted both positive and negative attention due to the significant financial support from his father, Lawrence Stroll, who invested in his racing career.

Despite initial doubts about his path to Formula 1, Stroll’s breakthrough came in 2016 when he won the FIA Formula 3 European Championship.

Net worth

Stroll’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million, making him one of the wealthier drivers in Formula One.

His financial success is attributed to his racing career, endorsements from brands like JCB, Canadian Life, Bombardier and others, as well as investments.

Stroll’s family background, particularly his father Lawrence Stroll’s business ventures and ownership in Aston Martin, has also played a significant role in his financial standing.

Salary and contracts

Stroll’s salary and contracts in Formula One have varied over the years.

In 2024, his salary is reported differently across sources.

According to Spotrac, he earns $3,000,000 for the year, while GPFans lists his salary at $2,000,000 annually.

Additionally, the Daily Express reports his salary at £1.5 million annually.

Stroll’s earnings have fluctuated throughout his career, with previous salaries ranging from £1,458,000 in 2018 to £8,100,000 in 2022.

His net worth is estimated to be around $50 million, reflecting his success and financial standing in the world of Formula One racing.

JCB deal

Stroll’s JCB deal involves a partnership between JCB and the Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team, extending into the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship.

This collaboration includes prominent JCB branding on the team’s new Formula One car, the AMR24, emphasizing a shared commitment to innovation, collaboration and high-performance engineering.

JCB’s support extends beyond branding to providing equipment for the construction of the team’s facilities like the Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Technology Campus (AMRTC) and new buildings housing a Wind Tunnel and events space.

The partnership aims to drive technical innovation, growth and efficient business practices while fostering an alliance that benefits both parties in enhancing on and off-track operations.

Canadian Life partnership

Stroll’s Canadian Life deal involves a multi-year agreement that commenced in 2017 to support him during his rookie year in Formula One.

This partnership aims to continue the rich history of collaboration between Williams Martini Racing and Canada Life, with the latter providing support to Lance Stroll as he navigates his career in Formula One.

As part of this agreement, Canada Life’s branding is prominently displayed on Lance Stroll’s race overalls and the Williams Mercedes FW40 race car, showcasing a strong partnership between the brand and the talented Canadian driver.

Bombardier collaboration

Stroll’s Bombardier deal involves a significant sponsorship agreement between the Quebec-based multinational aerospace and transportation company, Bombardier and the Williams Formula One team.

This partnership includes Bombardier’s branding prominently displayed on Lance Stroll’s helmet and throughout the team’s garage environment.

The deal signifies Bombardier’s entry into Formula One as a sponsor of Lance Stroll, a Quebec native making his debut with the Williams team.

The agreement, signed for the 2017 season, highlights the mutual benefits for both parties, with Bombardier gaining global exposure and Williams aligning with a company that shares similar core values.

This partnership not only enhances Bombardier’s outreach to a wider customer base but also solidifies its presence in the high-profile world of Formula One racing through collaboration with a talented driver like Lance Stroll.

Stilo Formula Racing

Stilo Formula Racing is a racing helmet production company co-founded by Stroll.

Established in 1999 by Ludovico Fassitelli and Elena Perini, Stilo is renowned for creating high-tech racing helmets known for their exceptional voice clarity, noise cancellation, reliability and performance.

The company’s focus on functionality and innovation has made its products popular across various motorsport sectors, from rallying to Formula racing.

Stilo’s commitment to excellence led to the introduction of the first full-face helmet dedicated to Formula and GT drivers, earning victories and acclaim in motorsport competitions.

Stilo’s reputation in the industry was further solidified when its helmets debuted in Formula 1 in 2015.

The company’s dedication to quality is evident in its hand-assembled helmets, with carbon fiber shells integrated into production to ensure a fully made-in-Italy product.

Stilo is also recognized for certifying its entire range of helmets to the highest FIA standards, emphasizing safety and performance in motorsport.

Car collection

Stroll’s car collection is an impressive array of high-end vehicles, showcasing his passion for luxury cars.

Some notable cars in his collection include a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Scaglietti Spyder (1957), Ferrari 288 GTO, Ferrari F40, Ferrari Enzo, McLaren F1, McLaren P1 and Porsche 959.

Stroll’s collection also features modern supercars like the LaFerrari and McLaren Senna.

His collection reflects a mix of classic and contemporary automotive masterpieces, highlighting his appreciation for automotive engineering and design.

Stroll’s car collection is a testament to his success as a Formula One driver and his love for exceptional automobiles.

Real estate properties

Stroll has diversified his investments into real estate, showcasing his financial acumen beyond the racetrack.

In 2021, he invested in a high-end apartment complex project in Canada, demonstrating his interest in real estate ventures.

Stroll owns multiple residences, including a luxurious apartment in Monte Carlo, Monaco, offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Additionally, he has a holiday retreat in Aspen, Colorado, featuring indulgent amenities like a hot tub, sauna and a personal home theater.

Stroll’s real estate investments and properties reflect his penchant for refined living and strategic financial planning.

Racing driver Lance Stroll PHOTO/Getty Images

Lance Stroll early career

Stroll began his motorsport career in karting at the age of 10, achieving notable success in Canada and North America.

In 2010, he joined the Ferrari Driver Academy, marking a significant step in his racing journey.

Stroll transitioned to car racing in 2014, participating in the Florida Winter Series organized by the Ferrari Driver Academy.

Throughout his early career, he demonstrated talent and determination, securing victories and championships that laid the foundation for his progression into higher racing categories.

Stroll’s dedication to racing and his family’s support played crucial roles in shaping his path towards Formula One, where he eventually made a mark with his skills and achievements.


Stroll’s breakthrough in Formula One came in 2016 when he won the FIA Formula 3 European Championship, showcasing his talent and potential as a rising star in motorsport.

This victory was a significant milestone in his career, leading to his entry into Formula One with Williams in 2017.

Stroll’s success in the F3 championship demonstrated his ability to compete at a high level and paved the way for him to transition to the elite world of Formula One racing, where he continues to make his mark with notable performances and achievements.

Notable races

Some of Stroll’s notable races in Formula One include his achievements in the 2020 season where he achieved his maiden podium and pole positions.

He demonstrated his talent by leading races and securing impressive finishes, notably at Monza and Bahrain.

In the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix, despite facing skepticism as a “pay driver,” Stroll silenced critics with a strong performance, finishing in sixth place despite recovering from injuries sustained in a pre-season cycling accident.

Additionally, his standout performance at the Turkish Grand Prix in 2020, where he secured his first and only pole position to date, showcased his prowess in challenging wet conditions.

These races highlighted Stroll’s skill, determination, and ability to compete at a high level in Formula One.

Awards and accolades

Stroll has garnered several awards and accolades throughout his racing career.

Notably, he was the inaugural Rising Star Award recipient from the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame in 2016, recognizing his exceptional talent and achievements in motorsport.

Additionally, Stroll has achieved significant milestones in Formula One, including becoming the youngest rookie to secure a podium finish in Formula 1 history when he finished third at the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

His podium finishes, pole positions, and impressive performances have solidified his reputation as a skilled and promising driver in the world of motorsport.

Philanthropic efforts

Stroll is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors, supporting various charitable causes and organizations.

He has donated money and resources to charities throughout his career, demonstrating a commitment to giving back to the community.

Stroll’s philanthropic work extends to initiatives like supporting female STEM education, as seen in his involvement with the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, where he shared inspiring messages alongside Sebastian Vettel after a donation from Aston Martin.

Additionally, Stroll has pledged to donate $1,800 for every point he scores in specific races, such as the Belgian Grand Prix, showcasing his dedication to using his platform in Formula One to make a positive impact through charitable contributions.

Moreover, his racing achievements have also been leveraged for charitable purposes, as evidenced by instances where his performance on the track has resulted in significant donations to organizations like Breast Cancer Care, where his fourth-place finish in Hockenheim raised £11,000 for the charity.

Stroll’s philanthropic efforts highlight his commitment to giving back and supporting meaningful causes beyond the realm of motorsport.


Stroll comes from a prominent and affluent family.

His father, Lawrence Stroll, is a billionaire businessman, executive chairman of Aston Martin, and owner of the Aston Martin F1 Team.

Lawrence made his fortune in fashion, notably through investments in brands like Michael Kors.

Stroll’s mother is Claire-Anne Callens, and he has an older sister named Chloe Stroll.

Chloe is married to Australian snowboarder Scott James.

Stroll’s family background includes his father Leo Strulovitch, a Jewish fashion importer who introduced brands like Pierre Cardin and Ralph Lauren to Canada.

Stroll’s parents are divorced, and his father has remarried Brazilian model Raquel Diniz.

Stroll holds both Canadian and Belgian citizenship through his mother and races under the Canadian flag in Formula One.

Stroll’s family has been influential in his life and career, providing him with support and opportunities within the world of motorsport.



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