From Air Force to YouTube Star

Blippi Is the alias Of Stevin W. John, an American children’s entertainer known for His energetic And curious persona on platforms like YouTube And Hulu.

He created the character Blippi after observing His nephew watching low-quality videos on YouTube.

Blippi, characterized by His blue And orange attire, aims to educate children through engaging content.

The entertainer who also performed under the name Steezy Grossman, transitioned to creating child-friendly content With Blippi, Which Has gained immense popularity With over a billion views on YouTube.

Despite some criticism for its simplistic nature, Blippi’s success led to the expansion Of the production team, the creation Of Blippi Toys, And the development Of related merchandise And shows like Blippi Wonders And Blippi’s Treehouse.

Net worth $90 million
Profession Entertainer
Date Of birth May 27, 1988
Nationality American

Background And early Life

Blippi was born on May 27, 1988, In Ellensburg, Washington.

Growing up, he was surrounded by tractors, cows And horses. As a child, he aspired to be a limousine driver And a fighter pilot.

Blippi served In the United States Air Force from 2006 to 2008 as a loadmaster for the C-17 Globemaster military transport aircraft.

After leaving the Air Force, he ventured into Video production And marketing consulting before transitioning to creating child-friendly content.

The idea for Blippi emerged when he observed His two-year-old nephew watching low-quality videos on YouTube.

This led to the creation Of the character Blippi, characterized by a childlike, energetic persona dressed In blue And orange attire.

Blippi’s vision was to blend education With entertainment, drawing inspiration from renowned figures like Mr. Rogers.

Despite facing some criticism for the simplistic nature Of His content, His work Has garnered immense popularity With over a billion views on YouTube.

Net worth

Blippi Has an net worth Of $90million.

His wealth primarily stems from His diverse endeavors as a children’s entertainer, educator And YouTube content creator.

Blippi’s success Is attributed to His engaging educational videos for children, Which Have amassed billions Of views on platforms like YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Video And Netflix.

Beyond His online presence, Blippi Has expanded His brand through merchandise like toys, DVDs And digital downloads, contributing significantly to His financial success.

Additionally, Blippi Has made strategic investments In real estate, stocks, bonds, And luxury cars, further enhancing His wealth.

His ability to create high-quality, entertaining content for children Has Not only earned him a substantial net worth but also positioned him as one Of the wealthiest children’s entertainers today.

Moonbug Entertainment Ltd collaboration

Blippi collaborated With Moonbug Entertainment Ltd., a prominent children’s entertainment company.

Moonbug, led by René Rechtman And John Robson, acquired popular children’s YouTube channels like CoComelon And Blippi, expanding its portfolio And global reach significantly.

This collaboration allowed Blippi’s educational content to be part Of Moonbug’s diverse programming, enhancing its presence on digital platforms And licensing opportunities. 

Moonbug’s strategic vision to build global family franchises aligns With Blippi’s mission to provide engaging And educational content for young audiences worldwide.

The partnership With Moonbug Has Not only amplified Blippi’s reach but also facilitated the creation Of merchandise, licensing deals, And new storylines to enrich the Blippi brand And its impact on children’s entertainment.

Amazon Kids+ collaboration

Blippi’s collaboration With Amazon Kids+ represents a strategic move to reach a broader audience And provide educational content to children through a popular digital platform.

By creating long-term episodic series for Amazon Kids+, Blippi extends His influence In the children’s entertainment space, offering engaging videos That blend entertainment With learning.

This partnership Not only enhances Blippi’s visibility but also aligns With Amazon Kids+’s commitment to offering quality, age-appropriate content for young viewers.

Through This collaboration, Blippi Can leverage the platform’s reach And resources to continue delivering entertaining And educational experiences That resonate With children And parents alike.

Stevin John Studios

Stevin John Studios Is the production company founded by Stevin John, also known as Blippi.

This studio Is responsible for creating And producing the popular children’s educational content featured on platforms like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, Peacock And Amazon Prime Video.

Blippi’s vision for Stevin John Studios was to develop engaging And informative videos That cater to young audiences, inspired by His desire to provide quality educational entertainment for children worldwide.

The success Of Stevin John Studios Is evident through the massive viewership And positive impact Blippi’s content Has Had on children, making it a prominent And influential production entity In the realm Of children’s entertainment.

Car collection

Blippi Has an impressive car collection That includes luxury vehicles like a Lamborghini Urus, Lexus GX, Jaguar F-PACE, Range Rover Sport, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Volvo XC40, Audi A6 And BMW X8.

His garage boasts million-dollar cars like Lamborghini And Ferrari, With the Lamborghini Urus alone costing over $1 million USD.

Blippi’s passion for luxury cars Is evident through His collection Of top-tier brands And models.

Additionally, he Has invested wisely In properties And luxury cars, contributing to His substantial net worth Of $120 million.

Investing In stocks

Blippi Has diversified His investments into various stocks, government securities And tech companies like Apple, Tesla And Microsoft.

His investment portfolio Is valued at over $15 million, showcasing His strategic approach to wealth accumulation through the stock market.

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Blippi Photo/Celeb Suburb

Real estate properties

Blippi owns a diverse range Of real estate properties, showcasing His investments In luxurious homes across different locations.

Notably, he resides In a lavish California residence spanning 9,000 square feet, acquired for $16 million, reflecting His taste for opulent living.

In addition to His primary residence, Blippi Has made Other real estate investments, including a luxurious home In Los Angeles And rental properties In Washington.

His financial portfolio extends to owning up to five rental homes In the Washington region, valued at $2 to $3 million, And a farmhouse In Taluka Lake, Los Angeles, worth over $5 million.

Furthermore, he purchased a Mediterranean-style property In Las Vegas for $650,000 In 2018, showcasing His diverse real estate holdings And investments.

Blippi’s strategic investments In real estate properties align With His overall financial success And wealth accumulation strategies.

Blippi early career

Blippi began His early career by serving In the United States Air Force from 2006 to 2008 as a loadmaster for the C-17 Globemaster military transport aircraft.

Following His military service, he transitioned to working as an SEO consultant for Wpromote In Los Angeles, California, from 2009 to 2010.

During This period, he honed His skills In Video production And marketing, setting the stage for His future endeavors In the digital space.

Before His rise to fame as Blippi, Stevin John also experimented With online content creation under the alias Steezy Grossman, producing adult-themed comedy videos on YouTube In 2013.

This early phase Of His career laid the foundation for His later success as a children’s entertainer And educator, showcasing His versatility And creativity In content creation across different genres.


Blippi’s breakthrough came With the creation Of His character after witnessing His nephew watching low-quality videos on YouTube.

This inspired Stevin John to develop the persona Of Blippi, characterized by a childlike, energetic And curious demeanor.

The First Blippi Video was published on January 27, 2014, With John taking on the role Of Blippi And handling all aspects Of filming, editing And graphics himself.

Drawing inspiration from iconic children’s educators like Mr. Rogers, John aimed to blend education With entertainment, portraying Blippi as both educational And relatable to children.

This approach resonated With audiences, leading to a significant following With over a billion views on YouTube.

The success Of Blippi’s videos prompted the expansion Of the production team to create content In Spanish, establish Blippi Toys And offer DVDs And digital downloads, solidifying His position as a prominent figure In children’s entertainment.

Recognitions And accolades

Blippi Has garnered significant recognition And accolades for His work as a children’s entertainer And educator.

Some Of the notable achievements associated With Blippi include Blippi’s YouTube channel amassing over 19.2 million subscribers And 15.7 billion total views, showcasing His immense popularity And impact In the digital space.

He Has been praised for His ability to engage And educate children between the ages Of two And seven, earning admiration for His entertaining And educational content on platforms like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max And Amazon Prime Video.

Despite facing some criticism for the simplistic nature Of His character, Blippi Has managed to create a global phenomenon, amassing a considerable fortune And expanding His brand through merchandise, toys, DVDs And digital downloads.

Blippi’s success Has been marked by a steady increase In viewership And engagement, attracting advertisers And projecting a 20% annual growth In net worth over the next decade.

These accolades highlight Blippi’s significant impact In the realm Of children’s entertainment And education, solidifying His position as a prominent figure In the industry.

Steezy Grossman controversy

Blippi Has faced controversies due to His past involvement In inappropriate And adult-themed content.

Before gaining fame as Blippi, John created videos under the alias Steezy Grossman, featuring dark comedy And adult humor Not suitable for children.

One Of the most notable controversies involved a Video titled, Harlem Shake Poop, where Grossman participated In a distasteful version Of the popular internet meme, culminating In him defecating on a friend.

This Video, along With others showcasing inappropriate behaviors, surfaced online, causing shock And concern among parents And viewers.

Despite John expressing regret for His past actions And emphasizing personal growth, the controversies surrounding His earlier content Have raised questions about the suitability Of His character Blippi, known for educational children’s videos And whether His checkered history should impact His career And the perception Of His beloved character.

Personal Life

Blippi recently welcomed His First child, Lochlan David John, With fiancée Alyssa Ingham on March 9, 2022.

The couple shared their joy And excitement about becoming parents, With Blippi taking time off to focus on His family And new role as a father.

The arrival Of Lochlan Has brought immense happiness to the couple, With Stevin expressing His love for His son And the bliss Of parenthood.

This new addition to the Blippi family marks a significant milestone for him, known for His energetic And educational content on platforms like YouTube.

The couple’s journey into parenthood Has been filled With adorable moments And a deep sense Of joy as They embrace This new chapter In their lives.



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