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Rick Ross, whose real name Is William Leonard Roberts II, Is an American rapper, songwriter And entrepreneur.

He derived His stage name from the drug trafficker ‘Freeway’ Ricky Ross.

Rick Ross founded the record label Maybach Music Group And Has released several successful studio albums like Port Of Miami And Teflon Don.

He Has received Grammy nominations And Is known for His prolific career In the music industry, signing artists like Wale, Meek Mill And French Montana to His label.

Despite controversies And legal issues, Rick Ross Is respected within the music industry And Has built a Life Of luxury, showcasing His success through His music And lifestyle.

Net worth $150 million
Profession Rapper, entrepreneur
Date Of birth January 28, 1976
Nationality American

Background And early Life

Rick Ross, born William Leonard Roberts II on January 28, 1976, In Coahoma County, Mississippi, Had a childhood influenced by street rap And controversial artists like Tupac Shakur And Notorious B.I.G.

Growing up In Carol City, Florida, he was a good student who later received a football scholarship to Albany State University but chose to pursue His passion for rap music And the allure Of a lavish lifestyle.

Infatuated With the drug dealing culture, Rick Ross adopted His stage name from a notorious character In urban legends about local drug dealers.

Despite His success In music, he faced controversies, including a brief stint as a corrections officer And legal issues.

Rick Ross’ debut single, Hustlin, In 2006 propelled him to fame, leading to a successful music career marked by hit albums And the founding Of Maybach Music Group, where he Has collaborated With top artists In the industry.

Net worth

Rick Ross Has an estimated net worth Of $150 million.

His wealth stems from a multifaceted financial empire built through music sales, worldwide tours, merchandise sales And lucrative endorsements With brands like Reebok And Luc Belaire.

Additionally, Rick Ross Has made strategic investments In real estate, record labels, restaurants, grooming products And book publishing, further boosting His financial standing.

His success In the music industry, With chart-topping albums And sold-out tours, Has significantly contributed to His impressive net worth.

Beyond music, Rick Ross Has diversified His income sources through endorsements, investments In His record label Maybach Music Group And ventures into various businesses like Wingstop restaurants.

Through His astute financial decisions And entrepreneurial endeavors, he Has solidified His position as one Of the wealthiest figures In the rap industry.

Maybach Music Group

Maybach Music Group, founded by American rapper Rick Ross In 2008, Is a renowned record label That Has seen significant success In the music industry.

Initially an imprint Of various major labels like Island Def Jam, Warner Recordsnand Atlantic Records, MMG Has signed artists such as Wale, Meek Mill, French Montana, Omarion, Rockie Fresh And Stalley.

The label Has released a total Of 29 studio albums, including successful compilations like the Self-Made series.

Notably, MMG Has Had five albums certified gold And four certified platinum by the RIAA.

The label Has also achieved seven Number-one debuts on the Billboard 200, solidifying its position as a powerhouse In the hip-hop genre.

The vocal tag ‘Maybach Music’ featured In many Of the label’s tracks Is voiced by Australian model Jessica Gomes, adding a distinctive touch to their music productions.

Maybach Music Group’s success And roster Of talented artists Have contributed to its reputation as a prominent player In the music scene.

Belaire Rosé & 1800 Tequila

Rick Ross Has been actively involved In promoting And endorsing Luc Belaire Rosé And 1800 Tequila, showcasing His influence In the beverage industry.

Luc Belaire Rosé, a sparkling wine produced In the south Of France by the Piffaut Family, Has become a favorite Of Rick Ross since 2013.

Rick Ross’s affinity for Luc Belaire Rosé Is evident In His music videos, interviews And His regular gifting Of the sparkling wine to friends And family.

The Rosé Is a blend Of Syrah, Cinsault And Grenache grapes, offering a fruity explosion With hints Of strawberry And blackcurrant, a dry finishnand a smooth texture.

Additionally, Rick Ross Has served as a brand ambassador for 1800 Tequila’s Select Silver, further solidifying His presence In the beverage industry.

These partnerships highlight His involvement In promoting And endorsing premium beverages, contributing to the success And popularity Of Luc Belaire Rosé And 1800 Tequila among consumers And fans alike.

Investing In Wingstop Franchises

Rick Ross’s involvement With Wingstop franchises Is significant, With His family owning a Mississippi Wingstop franchise group That faced labor law violations, resulting In paying over $114,000 In back wages And penalties.

The franchise group, Boss Wings Enterprises LLC, operated five Wingstop locations In Mississippi And was found to Have illegally deducted costs from employees, violated child labor regulations And committed Other Fair Labor Standards Act violations.

Despite these issues, Rick Ross himself owns nearly 30 Wingstop franchises across the United States, contributing to His entrepreneurial success And financial ventures.

While Rick Ross Is Not the owner Of the Wingstop company itself, His ownership Of multiple franchises underscores His influence In the fast-casual dining industry And His strategic business investments In the food sector.

Car collection

Rick Ross boasts an impressive car collection That reflects His affinity for luxury vehicles.

With a fleet Of over 100 cars And trucks, His collection includes a diverse range Of vehicles, from modern supercars to vintage classics.

Some notable inclusions In His car collection are the Ferrari 488 Spider, Ferrari 458 Italia, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Rolls-Royce Wraith, Bentley Continental SuperSports, Bentley Brooklands And Lamborghini Urus.

Rick Ross also owns a Lamborghini Murcielago, Maybach 57S, Mercedes-Benz CLS, Mercedes-Benz S650 Cabriolet, Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, BMW 760Li, Chevrolet Impalas, Chevrolet Bel-Airs, Pontiac Trans-Am, Hummer H2, Fisker Karma And a Tesla Model 3.

His car collection Is estimated to be worth over $4 million, showcasing His love for luxury cars And His penchant for collecting high-end vehicles That range from sleek sports cars to classic American models.

Real estate properties

Rick Ross Has built an impressive real estate portfolio, showcasing His penchant for luxury living And strategic investments.

Here are some Of His notable real estate properties And houses;

Fayetteville Estate, Georgia: Rick Ross owns a sprawling 45,000-square-foot mansion In Fayetteville, Georgia, situated on 235 acres Of land.

This opulent property, known as The Promise Land, was used as a stand-In for Prince Akeem Joffer’s palace In the film, Coming 2 America.

Rick Ross purchased This estate for $5.8 million In 2014, And it remains a significant part Of His real estate holdings.

Southwest Ranches Estate, Florida: In Southwest Ranches, Florida, he acquired a resort-style estate from NBA All-Star Amar’e Stoudemire for $3.5 million.

This 8,600-square-foot haven features high ceilings, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, And various amenities, reflecting Rick Ross’s taste for luxury And comfort.

Star Island Waterfront Mansion, Miami: Rick Ross recently added a $37 million waterfront mansion on Star Island In Miami to His real estate portfolio.

This exclusive property boasts six bedrooms, eight And a half bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen, a heated pool, a summer kitchen, a 40-foot dock And direct bay And ocean access, solidifying Rick Ross’s presence In the realm Of luxury real estate.

Rick Ross’s real estate investments exemplify His success In the industry, With properties spanning from Georgia to Florida, each reflecting His distinctive style And preference for opulent living spaces.

Private jet

Rick Ross recently acquired a luxurious private jet, a 2012 Gulfstream G550, showcasing His opulent lifestyle And love for high-end possessions.

This customized aircraft, With an average price Of around $25 million, features a black And gold color scheme, personalized With His logo on the tail And His name embossed In gold on the side.

Rick Ross named the jet, Maybach Airlines, And expressed gratitude to Duncan Aviation for their involvement In customizing His new toy.

The interior Of the jet Can accommodate up to 18 passengers And boasts premium features like self-folding tables And motorized window shades.

Despite Rick Ross referring to the plane as a ‘$5 billion play,’ its actual value Is around $25 million, powered by two Rolls-Royce jet engines And capable Of covering a range Of 7,700 miles.

This acquisition adds to Rick Ross’s collection Of luxury items, reflecting His status as a successful entrepreneur And artist who enjoys the finer things In Life.

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Early career

Rick Ross began His early career In the late 1990s under the stage name Teflon Da Don.

Initially signed to Suave House Records And later to Slip-n-Slide Records, he embarked on His musical journey, honing His craft And building a foundation for His future success.

Despite facing setbacks like being dropped by Suave House Records due to bankruptcy, Rick Ross persevered And released His debut album, Port Of Miami, In 2006, Which marked a significant milestone In His career.

Throughout the early 2000s, he toured With established artists like Trick Daddy Dollars, gradually making a name for himself In the music industry.

Rick Ross’ dedication to music And His distinctive style eventually led to the release Of successful albums like Trilla In 2008 And the establishment Of His own label, Maybach Music Group, In 2009.

Rick Ross’s early career was characterized by resilience, hard work And a relentless pursuit Of His passion for hip-hop, setting the stage for His eventual rise to prominence In the rap industry.

Rick Ross breakthrough

Rick Ross achieved His breakthrough In the music industry With the release Of His debut album, Port Of Miami, In August 2006.

This album marked a significant turning point In Ross’s career, propelling him to stardom And establishing him as a major player In the rap scene.

Port Of Miami was Not only critically acclaimed but also a commercial success, debuting at Number one on the US Billboard 200 chart And selling over 187,000 copies In its First week.

The standout single from This album, Hustlin’, played a pivotal role In Rick Ross’s breakthrough, reaching Number 54 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart And being certified gold by the Recording Industry Association Of America (RIAA).

Additionally, securing verses from prominent artists like Young Jeezy And Jay-Z, who was the president Of Def Jam at the time, further solidified Ross’s rise to fame.

This breakthrough album set the stage for Ross’s subsequent successful albums And collaborations, cementing His position as a prominent figure In the hip-hop industry.

Notable collaborations

Rick Ross Has engaged In numerous notable collaborations throughout His career, showcasing His versatility And influence In the music industry.

Some Of the standout collaborations include Aston Martin Music With Drake And Chrisette Michele, featured on Rick Ross’s album Teflon Don, exuding luxury And sophistication.

Another notable collaboration Is Lord Knows With Drake, where both artists deliver powerful verses, highlighting their lyrical prowess.

Free Spirit With Drake portrays Drake’s desire for commitment, contrasting With Rick Ross’s emphasis on relationship grounding.

In Made Men With Drake, the artists depict their lavish lifestyles, emphasizing wealth And luxury fashion.

Additionally, I’m on One With DJ Khaled And Lil Wayne showcases Drake And Rick Ross’s standout verses, contributing to the track’s success.

These collaborations Not only demonstrate Rick Ross’s ability to work With a diverse range Of artists but also highlight His impact on the music scene through His distinctive style And contributions to hit songs.

Awards And accolades

Rick Ross Has amassed a multitude Of awards And accolades throughout His illustrious career.

His achievements include nominations for BET Awards, Grammy Awards And recognition from the St. Louis Film Critics Association for His work on Django Unchained.

Ross Has also been nominated for iHeartRadio Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, Soul Train Awards And MOBO Awards, showcasing His talent And influence In the music industry.

These accolades underscore Rick Ross’s impact And recognition across various prestigious award platforms, highlighting His success And contributions to the world Of music.

Philanthropic efforts

Rick Ross Has been actively involved In various philanthropic efforts, demonstrating His commitment to giving back to society.

His endeavors include making a significant donation to The Fayette C.A.R.E. Clinic In Georgia, providing scholarships to students from His alma mater, Carol City Senior High School, hosting community events like the Ready Up eventnand supporting charities such as Rick Ross Charities, The Children’s Trust And The Urban League Of Greater Miami.

Rick Ross’s philanthropic initiatives extend to hip-hop venture philanthropy, aiming to inspire urban community development And encourage others In the industry to engage In charitable activities.

These efforts highlight Rick Ross’s generosity, compassion, And dedication to making a positive impact on society through His philanthropic contributions.

Legas issues

Rick Ross Has encountered various legal issues throughout His career.

Notable incidents include arrests In Miami for firearm And marijuana possession In January 2008, a lawsuit for assault And battery In August 2008, a copyright-infringement lawsuit In June 2010, an arrest for marijuana possession In Louisiana In March 2011, a trademark infringement lawsuit In August 2011, an arrest for marijuana possession In North Carolina In June 2014, And arrests for misdemeanor marijuana charges And More serious offenses like kidnapping, aggravated assault And aggravated battery In Georgia In June 2015.

These legal challenges Have marked different points In Rick Ross’s journey, involving drug-related charges, assault allegations, copyright disputes And trademark infringement claims, shaping His career And public Image.


Rick Ross Has a close-knit family That includes His children And Has been a significant part Of His Life.

The rapper Has five children, Toie Roberts, born In March 2002, William Roberts III, born In September 2005, Berkeley Hermès Roberts, born In September 2017, Billion Leonard Roberts, born In November 2018 And Bliss Roberts, born In August 2020.

Additionally, Ross was briefly engaged to Lira ‘Galore’ Mercer In 2015.

His family plays a crucial role In His business ventures, With His mother Tommie Roberts And sister Tawanda Roberts being involved In His Wingstop franchise ownership.

Despite some challenges, like fines for violations at Wingstop locations, Rick Ross values involving His family In His business, emphasizing the importance Of empowering them And ensuring their financial success.

Family remains a central theme In His Life, both personally And professionally, reflecting His commitment to supporting And uplifting His loved ones.



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