Serwaa Amihere trends after video of her in with Henry Fitz leaks

Ghanaian presenter Serwaa Amihere Has found herself at the centre Of a Social media storm after a Video featuring her With a wealthy businessman Henry Fitz went Viral.

The Video, Which Has sparked widespread conversation online, Has left many questioning its authenticity And the circumstances surrounding its release.

Henry Fitz, known for His lavish lifestyle And identified as the man In the Video, tied the knot In 2019 With a woman named Dela With Serwaa Amihere reportedly In attendance And serving as the MC for the event, Which was hashtagged #Hendee19.

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The Leaked Video Has resurfaced old speculation And stirred up fresh controversy.

Questions Have arisen about the origins Of the Video And why it Has surfaced years after the alleged incident took place.

In the Video, Which appears to Have been self-recorded, Henry Fitz Can be seen affectionately cuddling And kissing the woman believed to be Serwaa Amihere.

This Is what Henry Fitz, the guy In “Serwaa Amihere’s” Leaked Video Had say In response to the Blackmailing claims made by Serwaa Amihere.

Image size-large”>Statement <a src=Of Henry Fitz In response to Serwaa Amihere’s blackmailing allegations ” class=”wp-Image-59846″ srcset=”×1024.jpg 473w,×1663.jpg 768w,×1536.jpg 710w,×420.jpg 194w,×325.jpg 150w,×649.jpg 300w,×1299.jpg 600w,×1507.jpg 696w, 946w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 473px) 100vw, 473px” src=”×1024.jpg”/>Statement <a src=
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More details about the man who was seen In bed With Serwaa Amihere And why He Leaked their Video Has popped up

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— _Bio Foster (@_mrbio_1)”>April 3, 2024

Despite the intense speculation And public scrutiny, Serwaa Amihere Has remained silent on the matter, neither confirming nor denying her involvement In the Video.

As the online conversations continue to escalate, many await her response to address the circulating rumours And provide clarity on the situation.

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Alleged Information reaching me Is That Serwaa Amihere Has everybody she Has slept With nude on His iPhone 6

So he Leaked the Video out for payback And money

NB: This are words from some gossip guys In the TroTro a dey inside now

— GOMEZ (@Gomez_atletico)”>April 3, 2024



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