Sexyy Red Fires Back at Joe Budden’s Claims About Drake’s Promotion

Sexyy Red isn’t one to stay silent In the face Of criticism, especially when it comes to her friendship With Drake. When podcaster Joe Budden suggested That Drake might be getting paid to promote her, Sexyy Red quickly clapped back With a dose Of humor.

During an episode Of ‘The Joe Budden Podcast,’ Budden speculated about Drake’s motives for promoting Sexyy Red, implying That it might be financially motivated. Sexyy Red wasted No time In responding, taking to X/Twitter to dismiss Budden’s comments as foolish.


Tell”>@JoeBudden dis what drake like

— Sexyy Red (@SexyyRed314_)”>April 2, 2024

In a tweet, Sexyy Red shared a clip Of herself dancing With Drake during a performance Of their song ‘Rich Baby Daddy,’ With a caption

aimed directly at Budden: “Tell @JoeBudden dis what Drake like.” Her response didn’t go unnoticed, as rap fans rallied behind her, labeling Budden a “loser” And suggesting That he was envious Of her success.

Sexyy Red And Drake’s friendship Has been making headlines for months, especially after Drake was present during the birth Of Sexyy Red’s child And appeared alongside her In the music Video for ‘Rich Baby Daddy.’ Despite Budden’s skepticism, their collaboration on the track Has been a breakout hit, further fueling speculation about the nature Of their relationship.


They so dumb

— Sexyy Red (@SexyyRed314_)”>March 31, 2024

This isn’t the First time Sexyy Red Has addressed Budden’s comments. Earlier, she described him And His co-hosts as “dumb” In response to their remarks. While Budden hasn’t doubled down on His comments yet, Sexyy Red’s quick wit And humorous responses continue to keep the conversation lively.

Amidst the drama, Sexyy Red’s music career continues to soar, With her latest single “Get It Sexyy” making waves on the charts. The song debuted impressively on the Hot 100, showcasing her growing success as a solo artist.

As the debate over Sexyy Red And Drake’s friendship rages on, one thing Is clear: Sexyy Red isn’t afraid to speak her mind And shut down her critics With style And humor.

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